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Spring Break Essay

Spring break is a time of fun, relaxation, anti-school, friends, family and more. Usually during this period of time, I would be spending a normal and quiet time at home, but this year, in celebration of multiple birthdays in my family I’ve been enjoying the company of loved family members. Spring break is suppose to be a great time from the moment it begins to the moment it ends.  So, I’ve been busied with friends and family, mostly family. My house has been flooded with visitors and fun. In my case it’s been a cold and snowy spring break. Hasn’t felt much like “Spring” just a “break.” Personally the cold is enjoyable for me but the heat is also welcomed. I was with my friend when it snowed here a few days ago. We went up to the graveyard and threw snowballs at each other. The graveyard spooked my friend so we left and went sledding instead. Sledding was an interesting experience for my friends and myself, the snow was beginning to melt at this point and it wasn’t so easy to slide down the hill. We had to push one another down in the black bin we used as a sled. After we gave up on sledding we decided to build a snowman. During our time of building a mini snowman we sang, “do you want to build a snow man?" Then my friend replied, “no.” Our hands were now icy and our gloves were drenched in the melted water from the snow. We went into the garage to warm up. Soon our other friend joined us from a few houses down. She brought a big snowball with her, and it was oddly brown. She seemed to be eating it too. Turns out she poured coke on the large ball of snow and it now tasted like coke. We took turns eating chunks of the “coke ice.” After we got tired of that we did a warheads challenge and then went inside. And this is just one eventful day of my so far great spring break. Now I’ve been sitting around relaxing with my family. I’ve worked on some homework for my homeschool co-op as well. It hasn’t been exactly an anti-school spring break but I enjoy school so it doesn’t matter to me. MineCats is always a break from real life to me so I enjoy slipping away and playing for a bit. Now my spring break has settled down and I’m taking time to just relax and bond with family members. I’ve also been working on my acting skills and attending to my weekly classes. My dog has been seeking much attention lately so I was able to give him more love and attention too. Some go on vacation during this time but I just went to Disney World, a few weeks ago, and so I’m enjoying taking some downtime.  I’ve spent a good majority of my so far spring break in the car which is a great time to listen to Twenty One Pilots.  I have enjoyed every bit of my spring break and I’m excited for the long break of summer!


-Rosedun *my mc name <--* https://namemc.com/profile/RoseDun/2256dd

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