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Spring Break Essay

You know what my favorite time of year is.. its SPRING! Spring is the best time of year because we get Spring Break! Spring Break is amazing because I can hang with my friends and be lazy XD! On Friday when I got out of school for Spring Break, I went to my friends house to swim. We swam for what felt like 50 hours because I got like 20 cramps on my foot! After it got dark, we ate burgers for dinner. They were SO good! Then, we played Hide and Go Seek but my friends dog had to find us. Its more fun then you really think it is XD. When we got tired of that, we watched YouTube for a while till I had to go home. That's all that happened on Friday. On Saturday I was just being lazy all day and playing on my computer and watching YouTube. I basically did that Saturday-Tuesday, so I'm just going to skip those days. On Wednesday though I got to go to my friends aunt and uncles farm because we were going out for pizza and ice cream! We got to feed some of my friends, uncle's cows and one of them drooled in the truck EW!! After a few hours passed, we went with my friends aunt out for pizza and ice cream. Since it was her aunts birthday the day before, we went to a few stores and got her a present. We got her a notepad and a really soft blanket. After we gave her the presents we headed down to the pizza place. We got cheese, pepperoni and this pizza with meat and tomato's that I forgot the name of. After we finished eating, her aunt surprised us with going out for ice cream at my favorite ice cream place! I was so close to getting kicked out of the pizza place for screaming that were going to Paciugo (Paciugo is the name of the ice cream place that is actually a gelato place but idc XD) So, when we got there I got my favorite flavors of ice cream from there which are Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake. There was a fancy dinner place right next to Paciugo and we were being so loud (we were siting outside btw) The people who walked by were like 'what are those little girls doing..' XD When we finished our ice cream, we were heading back to the house, but we got lost. We had to try to get back on the highway by going though this creepy forest that looked like people had been murdered there. We had prayed for the 50th time that we wouldn't die right then and there when we got back on the highway and we cheered 'were not going to die!' So basically that was the end of the night, nothing else really happened the rest of the week so I don't think you would care about that happened Thursday-Sunday but ,I'll give a brief summary of what happened. I played on my computer and got ready for school. So that was my Spring Break, hope you enjoyed my story. Sorry if you didn't but whatever! Stay awesome and go play on Minecats!!!  -AnimePokes https://namemc.com/profile/AnimePokes/bb50ba <----- Link to NameMC Profile

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