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Banned For No Reason.



I am writing this for my friend because she told me this story how she used to play so much on this server, had lots of great friends and had a lot of fun. but one day all of a sudden she got banned she said she didn't know why and it must be for no reason.

Her in game name is "YippunyGirlyGamer" just so you know she is a very nice girl and wouldn't do anything bad.

Thank You

Reply ASAP



  • I know Yip.

    We'd play

    on this server

    like 400 times

    a day. I know

    she wouldn't

    do anything 

    But she has to make a ban appeal - link : http://www.minecats.com/ban-appeals/

  • Hello William,


    Your friend, YippunyGirlyGamer, needs to make a Ban Appeal if she wants to be unbanned, as staff don't ban for no reason.

    A ban appeal can be filed HERE


    Please do note that ban appeals can take a while to be noted and recognized.


    -3nd3rGames (Former Creative Moderator)

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