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My Opinion on the New Forums

  Hello! First of all, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. There were no discussion categories that had to do with the forums. (none that I saw)

Anyways, here I am going to put my opinion on the new forums. What I think might improve it, and such. Feel free to post your's in the comments of this one too! :)

So, what I think of the new forums.
First of all, I might be the only one, which is okay, but I preferred the dark theme that was on the old forums. The white and blue looks much cleaner, but it hurts my eyes because my computer monitor is very bright. Next, I can't seem to find a favorite or follow button on forum posts. I can only find the bookmark button. I also don't see the status posts the used to be to the right of the screen. I enjoyed having them because I could say things without having to open a whole new discussion. And finally, images don't work. But this isn't much of an issue. And it is more a technical problem than my opinion, but I thought I might include it in this post. Otherwise, I like the new forums and I think that many other people will like it too.

Thanks for reading!

Also, before you post your comment on this..... Please, do NOT fight in the comments about disagreements. Just because maybe you love something and somebody else hates it, that is no reason to fight.


  • I like the old darker theme and i miss the old profile layouts on the old forums with the banners and such

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