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Creative Bi-Monthly Build Comp: Earth Day


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~Save the Earth, Go Green~
Creative Build Comp: April 2nd - 15th

Earth Day is coming soon, to remind us of the beauty of our planet, and that we can make a change to help conserve and protect it.

You may start building anytime from April 2nd, and have until April 15th at midnight EST to finish and submit it. Builds submitted after the deadline will not be entered or judged.

You may build anything that represents the Earth in a positive way, or how we can help save our Earth. For example, you can build the beauty of our planet, or maybe a scene of people planting trees to help regrow forests.

  • The build must be made on the /creative server, builds on CreativeVIP or any other server will not be judged or entered.

-The builds cannot be inappropriate or offensive.
-Do not ask staff anything about other participants.
-You can work together on your build, but only the plot owner will get the prize.

The judging will be based on Theme, Creativity, Originality, and Difficulty.

After you finish your build:
When you have finished the build (which must be on the /creative server), create a /modreq regarding the Earth Day Contest and it will be entered for judging.

Announcing winners:
The winners will be announced by midnight on April 16th in this thread.

Prizes will be given to the top three builds!
First prize: 5 tokens, 500 treats.
Second prize: 250 treats, 1 player or staff head of choice.
Third prize: 100 treats, 1 player or staff head of choice.

We hope you participate and have fun doing so! Good luck!

  • Remember to help improve the Earth in real life!
    Keep watching this post for any updates


  • Unfortunately, there were not enough people to join, so we weren't able to give any prizes out. That's okay, though, there will be another chance soon!

  • Awww, that is a shame, hopefully next time more people will join!

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