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MineCats new sites and other changes

This was originally posted on reddit:

MineCats now has new website addresses, some new web sites, and a new look for www.MineCats.com
The main website address (www.) is still the same, however the forums and support addresses, and sites have changed. We have out grown our previous forums provider (Which, IPS was an amazing forums provider! Highly suggest if you need hosted forums.)

Because IPS was hosting our forums, and also our support tracking service (i.e. ban appeals, staff applications, etc) We also required a new Support site as well. This is going to grow with time to include a nicely fleshed out knowledge base users can probe for answers about things related to MineCats.

So, the new addresses are pretty simple, and are as follows:
www.MineCats.com <- main website, for static data and posts from the owner, links to other important pages/sites
forums.MineCats.com <- Shiny! New! Such wow! Much post! GO GO GO!
support.MineCats.com <- For ban appeals, staff applications, feedback (suggestions, ideas, venting), & support requests.

The www site will include general information for MineCats: such as descriptions of our servers; information about all of our servers, services and social media sites; rules, terms and policies; and some general info about specialized plugins, gamemodes and things which makes MineCats awesome! You will also find the links to all of our vote pages on this site at Go Vote!

The forums have been copied over from the old site, and most old posts are there. Almost everything posted which was previously accessible on the old forums is available on the new site. Passwords, however, in light of security issuers, were all voided and and not copied. This decision was made to help prevent users passwords being compromised. This means:

The Support site is new, and pretty simple to use. It does require a real email address, and confirmation to create a new ticket. Users who do not have a forum account are able to create and check on their support tickets. (previously, a web form was used, and was clunky and not very easy to figure out much less get to) We now allow for 4 categories of support tickets to be created:

  • Ban Appeals: Now being accepted for all of MineCats Minecraft servers (each server as well as lobby/network bans), as well as for Discord, Forums, and any other place where a user can be banned from which MineCats operates and/or moderates.
  • Support Requests: For support regarding most things MineCats. This is first stop for issues with Buycraft & purchases; as well as to report exploits, staff mis-behavior, and other similar issues. Quicker support may come from using our Discord guild for assistance from other users, as well as staff, as it is a real time communications medium whist the support tickets may take a day or two, sometimes longer.
  • Staff Applications: NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING However, this is where you will file a staff application when the time comes. More on this below.
  • Feedback: Have an awesome idea? Think something could use improving? Just want to vent about something that went wrong, or want to yell at AeSix? Feedback tickets are for ideas, suggestions and other... feedback.

We are working on a Staff Training course, which will include required reading and basic testing for new staff position assignments.
Eventually this will evolve to include basic training materials for operating, administrating and moderating various communities online. Because this is going to grow beyond scope of, is separate from, and is not funded by The MineCats Community, this training site will be hosted elsewhere. Dues to this, we are currently not accepting new staff applications. However, this should be finalized and in use by the end of April 2017.

One thing which is NOT changing is the ownership of MineCats!
There has been some rumor running around the community that MineCats was sold. I will squash that rumor here and now. This is simply not true. Cindy_k still owns and has complete authority over MineCats. Even I, AeSix, answer to and work with her to ensure MineCats is operated in her vision and as she intends.


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