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New Forum Login Help & Info

Hi All!
The Forums have moved to a new address, and have moved to a new Forums software. (If you hadn't noticed) If you're reading this, you're in the right place. (http://forums.minecats.com) But you're probably not able to log in, right? Read the below and find the steps that are best for you to take to resolve this.

IF YOU HAVE COME HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE MOVE, Then you'll need to re-claim your account with a password reset.
You need to head over to our password reset page, enter the email address you used for your account, and press the big shiny "Request a new password" button.
This page can be found here: http://forums.minecats.com/entry/passwordrequest
Once you have done this step, you will not be required to complete it again (unless you misplace your password and forget it again)

IF THIS DOES NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM, Then you've failed to remember what email address you used for your account.
Head over to http://support.minecats.com and file a support request. We need as much information as possible about your account. If you have a post you had made before the move, linking us to that, or the user account would be ideal. However, we will require at minimum: Your IGN, Your forums username, the email address your account should have on file, and any other IGN or name that the account might be under. The more information you provide us, the quicker we can help you.

IF YOU ARE A NEW FORUM USER, then you don't have an old account to log into, and you'll need to create a brand spanking new shiny and awesome account!
You are a "NEW Forum user" if you did NOT have an account on our old forums at minecats.forumflash.com (The old forums are now disabled and gone)

Thank You for your awesomeness!


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