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Creative Build Comp: Amusement Park

Amusement Park Build Comp!

May 18th to May 30th
Amusement parks are always a fun place to be, with rides like Ferris wheels and roller-coasters! In this build comp, you can create your dream amusement park.


You can start building from now until May 30th. When you are finished, modreq it. Builds will not be accepted or judged after.


Build an amusement park! Make sure to include fun rides! (They don't need to actually be able to move.) Your park can have a central theme.

  • The build must be made on the /creative server, builds on CreativeVIP or any other server will not be judged or entered.


  • The builds cannot be offensive or inappropriate.
  • Do not ask staff about the other contestants.
  • You can work together on your build, but only the person who owns the plot gets the prize.


The judging will be based on Theme, Creativity, Originality, and Difficulty.

After you finish your build:

After you finish you build, create a /modreq on the plot, including that it's for the Amusement Park Build Comp.

Announcing the winners:

Winners will be announced by Midnight EST on May 31st.


Prizes will be given to the top three builds!
First prize: 5 tokens, 500 treats.
Second prize: 300 treats, 1 player or staff head of choice.
Third prize: 150 treats, 1 player or staff head of choice.

We hope you participate and have fun!
Keep watching this post for any updates!


  • The Winners!

    First Place: Zooeyy

    /p tp 98;94

    Second Place: xRedIsBeast

    /p tp 52;-10

    Congratulations for all who participated! Each build was very wonderfully made. We will contact the winners on how to receive their prizes. Additionally, thank you to our judges, Braadd, Bygones, and Draiocht_. Our next build comp may be announced soon!

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