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Rules Update

I've noticed that the rules on Survival are so vague, that there are a ton of things that are not listed in the rules. I've almost lost 200K due to someone exploiting the rules, so I personally think it's frustrating to get scammed like I did. I decided to make a more detailed rules list that cover basically everything, and was wondering what you all thought of it.

MineCats Survival Extended Rules List

Have I missed anything important? Let me know.



  • Hello unionthunder,
    This looks like a great updated MineCats Survival rules list! I like the detail and effort put into this! There's only a small issue: The Forums link in the first rule, section a is wrong. It should NOT forward to minecats.forumflash.com, as MineCats has stopped using that service. It should forward to forums.minecats.com, which is the new service.
    Thanks for this suggestion!
    -3nd3rGamez (Creative ChatMod/CT)

  • Fixed the link- thanks for the suggestion!


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