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When is the server event ending?

When I join onto minecats, I've made many friends. But recently with the event, I cant do anything. I was off the server for a few months to come back to a Zombie Apocalypse. This event does not effect me as much as others because I build under water or on high mountains but it effects the rest of the server like starters and people who have not been on for months. I just want to know if and when it will end. Most of my friends now try hacking to keep playing. I feel like I cant play but hide in my house listening to the mobs walk by and stair at my friends who can attack the mobs. If anyone knows when or even if this event will end.


  • I'm not sure when it's ending, but I'm with you: it's ruining the server. Hopefully not too much longer!

  • its really annoying i know but i just sit and mob farm in my home

  • I'm loggin in once or twice a day. The event is still going on but hardly noone is online in survival. If they cant see that this is hurting the server, i dont know what will. I'll give it a few more days tho.

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