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Server Suggestion

So, I have no idea where to put this in the forms.

Alright, I suggested this a while ago.
Minecats' player popularity has decreased, I think...
Seemed to have more today, I haven't been on in months so I don't know.
Some of the more unpopular servers are Vanilla and Underworld, so that bandwidth is being taken for those, even though they're rarely used.
Just pointing that out, if space ever becomes a problem.
Me being a notorious person, my habitat is a PvP server,
I do understand some servers have PvP enabled, but that is not what I mean.

I feel like those few players who could have inhabited Vanilla and Underworld, would be on the PvP server. This would take up less bandwidth, I think,
less players on the other servers, and more on a PvP server,
more players on Minecats.

I always enjoyed PvP. Yes, there was trash talking. Yes. There were kids crying. Yes. There were raids and stolen items,
but if you're young and play it, it can teach you some strengths and strategy, really. It did to me, and I played it since I was 9.

I feel like, if PvP was added,
Minecats could definately have a few 10 more players on it,

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