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Inactivity on MineCats - 3nd3rGamez

Hello everyone,
I am posting this to explain why I've been very inactive recently on MineCats Discord and Network server.
So, I'm 17 and I'm going into 12th grade (Senior year in High School) starting in August. I've been thinking about getting a job for this summer and possibly the school year as well. I also have summer school starting on the 7th of June, so that'll make me be a bit less active than I am now. I'm leading a Minecraft club at the library in my neighborhood starting Friday, June 9th, every Friday in June from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time. I hope all of you understand.
I've also been thinking about a lot of stuff. I haven't come to any final decisions on my thoughts, so I can't really say what they are.
I hope all is well and I hope that things get better for me.

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