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Creative build competition: park/garden

Creative is back with another build competition, read the information below if interested in joining!

Example of a build that would fit this theme:

Creative build competitions :
Creative build competitions are based off of how well you can represent a theme through a build. When you finish your build, you will be judged and graded on the builds Theme, Creativity, and Difficulty. The 3 top builds will win a prize! Please keep in mind that you do not have to enter this competition, and we are not shaming your build if you do not win, everybody has a unique style of building and each build will be counted and scored.

Time :
You will have until July 2nd (3 weeks) to enter your build in to the competition.

Theme :
This competitions theme will be park/garden.

Where to build your comp entry :
You need to make your competition entry on the Creative Server.

Rules :
The builds cannot be offensive or inappropriate.

Do not ask staff anything about the other contestants.

You can work together on your build, but only the plot owner will get the prize.

Judging :
Your build will be judged based on How well it represents the Theme, The creativity, and Difficulty.

How to submit your build :
When you've finished your build, you can make a /modreq in game and a staff will enter you in the competition, make sure you build your entry on the creative server!

Winners and prizes :
The winners will be announced before 12:00pm usd on July 5th.
1st place: 5000 treats
2nd place: 2500 treats
3rd place: 10 tokens

Good luck and we hope you have fun building!

  • camluck


  • yasss! rlly excited :smiley:

  • nice I might have a go

  • Just finished my build, so excited!

  • Winners!
    First Place: _xPoll [/p tp 32;23]
    Second Place: Diizii [/p tp 53;-26]
    Third Place: byluck [/p tp 25;-46]
    Congratulations to all of the winners! You will be contacted on how you can receive your prize! All of the entries were wonderful and I enjoyed seeing all of them. Thank you to the judges, friiendly, n_harmonia, Livvyy, and Braadd. The next build comp will be announced on the forums.

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