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Banning and staff issues.

Minecats is not how I remember it.

Couple of summers back, me and my friend were chilling on minecats. It was the summer before 6th grade.

After playing so much, I decided to get a patriot rank. I loved the server. It was my safe place for whenever I was bored. I met lots of great people and admins and cubtamers and whatnot.

lets get into more details.

I'm a pretty,,,
Outgoing person online.
I love to shout things in caps,
I love to be "mean" to people.
It's a funny mean, the OBVIOUS one that says, I want to be your friend. I don't mean it at all.
Not everyone on the server is so sensitive. I know that for sure.

Sometimes admins were sensitive to a specific thing I talked about and decided to mute me. I also got unmuted many times, and I learned from my mistakes. I never said what I said ever again.
I may have even got banned, but it's probably some weird Mandela effect crap.

and here I stand today,
Listening to my friend
How she told me
A person got BANNED.

They called someone something like, "overly happy?"

I don't know the full details behind it. Maybe they used curse words. Maybe it was an argument. And if it was, the admins should have butted in to help.

I have heard about a person who got banned because they asked someone for their skype.
It was probably a friend they just made.
Maybe they should have used private messages?
But what if they did?

No one likes strict rules, trust me.
But rules ARE necessary.

If you could be in one of these scenarios and got banned, you would be infuriated too.

I'm scared to play on minecats.
I spent money on the server and I hope there is someway to get it back so I can find another server to play on where I can just have fun with no severe restrictions. With actual warnings.

I want the admins that were so nice to me and didn't ban me on first sight. I hate that I can't remember their names.
I want the cubtamers who were nice enough to unmute me and forgive me for what I said.

I didn't mention any admins.
I didn't mention any names.
You know who you are.

not sure what category this should go into but screw it.
I'm super tired and kind of done with life so I'm sorry if there are any typos.


  • MineCats is a living environment, much as any group, society or civilization. There will always be those who find the changes to be less than to their liking. It is up to those people to choose their future regarding themselves and any group they are in which changes. I won't go over the plausible routes of action, you can figure it out.

    "A couple of summers back~~" being vague and unimportant is not conducive to your complaint.

    Awesome! Thank You for donating to MineCats, You've helped to keep the servers running just that much longer. The people of MineCats is what makes up MineCats - and that you've found good friends is just as awesome!

    And the real complaint begins. Go.

    Outgoing or not, all persons on MineCats are entitled to two things: 1) To be treated with respect from everyone else when they are themselves being respectful; 2) to have a good, wholesome and fun time building on MineCats Minecraft servers as long as they continue to abide by the rules.

    Shouting things occasionally is absolutely fine. Acceptable. Necessary even. However, the key word there is "occasionally" - which means "not too often, but just shy of never"

    Being "mean" to people is never OK. Joking or not, it makes for butt-hurt people. Maybe not even the person you were being mean to. Don't do it. First rule: "Be Respectful, Courteous & Kind to others, yourself & staff" - being "mean" to people CAN be within this rule, but more often than not, it moves very quickly to break this rule. And hence the butt-hurt people who complain about You being mean and disrespectful. What you do and say to others may have a large impact on them than you may think.

    You're right, not everyone is so sensative as to not be able to take some gentle joshing. But like I said, some are. If you're in a part chat or guild chat, and everyone is OK with it, that's fine - but not in public channels. And yes, /ch local IS a public channel.

    I don't know what you've said in the past, Don't care either. You've been punished for it - rightfully so or not, it's done and over. You've learned from that experience, and that says a lot about your ability to be a good person. Yes, Mandela died in the 90s. This is a clone.

    Now we go into hear-say, rumors and general nattering.

    Your friend, as best intentions as she may have had, is not privy to all the information regarding a players' ban. Even if the player themselves told your friend, there is a level of trust there that should suggest that the whole truth was not told - the mere fact that the player broke the rules to the point of being banned says a lot about their mental state at that time. They will say what they need to in order to look like a victim to gain sympathy from others. Like your friend and yourself.

    "Overly happy" is probably "vibrantly happy" - which is a censor for a derogatory word used for a specific group of people. Regardless of who non-derogatory it may attempt to be used, the abuse of the word "gay" is above the limit for which I care to allow people to use it on MineCats. You are welcome to have your constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech at the stairs of any court house, public hall, or even the pentagon - but MineCats is a private organization with rules and limits that must be obeyed to retain membership in.

    As for as asking others for private and personally identifiable information, there are children on MineCats. There is also the potential for pedophiles and their ilk to join MineCats. Though users under the age of 13 should be supervised by a parent or guardian, it is well beyond MineCats' ability to verify the age of each and every player. As such, rules are in place to generally protect ALL players of ALL ages, and ALL walks of life. And if by protecting one person, someone else is inconvenienced, then so be it. There are plenty of places and way to contact others, to discuss other things and to gain a more permanent line of communication. Doing so in MineCats public channels is NOT the place or way to do it.

    I personally have compared the new MineCats rules against those of various other Minecraft networks, of other games, and other forums of communication. In general, I feel the rules are quick nice, and allow for a lot of personal freedoms and expression. The rules are, however, designed to benefit the whole of MineCats and NOT that of any single player or person. There are many people who not only agree with the current rules, but also have to put no effort forth to abide by the rules. Any person who finds MineCats' rules to be overly strict or targeting specific behaviors should re-consider their membership in this group. If a person finds themselves having to 'try' to follow the rules, or "following the rules is too hard on MineCats" - then that person should find another community more suitable for themselves - or found a new community with their ideologies.

    If after reading the above you are still scared to play on MineCats, I suggest re-reading the rules, and evaluate if you will need to put any effort into following those rules. The only people who should honestly be scared to come to MineCats are the ones who have nothing but malice and ill-will towards others, themselves, and/or The MineCats Community et el. Those who don't go out of their way to break rules, be malicious or otherwise cause trouble should have nothing to be upset by. At all.

    First, again, Thank You for the donation - MineCats appreciates that very much. However, had you actually read the Terms of Service YOU AGREED TO upon donating to MineCats, you would have saved yourself some typing.

    The problem with "with actual warnings" is that players are more often then not informed by other players, as well as the staff (ChatMods, Moderators, GameMaster, Admin, SrAdmin, GameOp, SysOp, Owner) that what they are doing is in violation of the rules. That's warning #1 and usually #2 as well. Being shocked, muted, kicked, slain, or otherwise punished in a one-off manner as such is the next warning. This is usually followed by a verbal warning from staff to indicate that the violator needs to stop. That's warnings #3 and #4. But for some people, that's not enough to make them stop. So we ban them. Sometimes bans are for 6 weeks, sometimes they are for much longer. Sometimes they are temporary bans ranging from a few minutes to a few days.

    Regardless of the ban, all banned players may request a pardon through our ban appeals system at http://support.minecats.com
    It is up to the banned player to RESPECTFULLY and POLITELY ask for forgiveness. It helps if they identify the problem behavior and what they can, and more importantly, will do to resolve those behaviors. It is then up to the staff who banned the person to determine if and when the player shall be pardoned. With very few cases (4-8 specific people on all of Earth), almost every ban is pardoned upon request with the cooperation of the banned player for proper behavior going forward.

    There has been many staff on MineCats. Some have gone on to do other things. Some are still around. There's new staff added and old staff retiring. Some staff have done great things for MineCats. Some ex-staff have done things that are nearly beyond forgiving and will not be allowed back. I don't know which staff you are referring to, but if they were letting you get away with severely breaking rules, that's probably why they are no longer staff on MineCats. Perhaps one day you, yourself will join the ranks of staff. Maybe not.


  • It's not what one has done in the past that prevents them going forward, it is the lack of action to move towards the future.

    Put these things behind you, consider if you want to be a member of The MineCats Community, with all which that entails, and follow through with that decision. If you choose to continue to participate in all of the fun and excitement that is MineCats, instead of causing dread and mischief, you will be warmly welcome by all like-minded members.

    To clear up some misconceptions and to specific some of the various hot-button topics that are considered to fall into the disrespect area, you can read http://www.minecats.com/tip (Topical Issues Policies) Each section states what is not allowed pertaining to that topic, why it is not allowed, and what the consequences may be. In general, these are topics that are not normally discussed openly in public as part of normal chatter and will affect very few people.

    I hope I have helped you to understand these things better - and I hope you choose to stay as part of The MineCats Community


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