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Banning and staff issues.

Minecats is not how I remember it.

Couple of summers back, me and my friend were chilling on minecats. It was the summer before 6th grade.

After playing so much, I decided to get a patriot rank. I loved the server. It was my safe place for whenever I was bored. I met lots of great people and admins and cubtamers and whatnot.

lets get into more details.

I'm a pretty,,,
Outgoing person online.
I love to shout things in caps,
I love to be "mean" to people.
It's a funny mean, the OBVIOUS one that says, I want to be your friend. I don't mean it at all.
Not everyone on the server is so sensitive. I know that for sure.

Sometimes admins were sensitive to a specific thing I talked about and decided to mute me. I also got unmuted many times, and I learned from my mistakes. I never said what I said ever again.
I may have even got banned, but it's probably some weird Mandela effect crap.

and here I stand today,
Listening to my friend
How she told me
A person got BANNED.

They called someone something like, "overly happy?"

I don't know the full details behind it. Maybe they used curse words. Maybe it was an argument. And if it was, the admins should have butted in to help.

I have heard about a person who got banned because they asked someone for their skype.
It was probably a friend they just made.
Maybe they should have used private messages?
But what if they did?

No one likes strict rules, trust me.
But rules ARE necessary.

If you could be in one of these scenarios and got banned, you would be infuriated too.

I'm scared to play on minecats.
I spent money on the server and I hope there is someway to get it back so I can find another server to play on where I can just have fun with no severe restrictions. With actual warnings.

I want the admins that were so nice to me and didn't ban me on first sight. I hate that I can't remember their names.
I want the cubtamers who were nice enough to unmute me and forgive me for what I said.

There may be a reason for all bans, you have been doing your job, but NO ONE said it was a good reason. No one said you we're doing a good job.

I didn't mention any admins.
I didn't mention any names.
You know who you are.

not sure what category this should go into but screw it.
I'm super tired and kind of done with life so I'm sorry if there are any typos.

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