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Halloween Party

edited October 2017 in Creative Plots & VIP

Hi there. It's getting closer and closer to the end of the year meaning Halloween and Christmas! It is not long left before you go out and get as much candy as you wish, so we thought we could celebrate it by hosting a party on Creative the weekend before Halloween. :)

What is the idea?
The idea we (Draiocht_, HeyMak and I) have is - we host many games on one plot so you can enjoy them in the spirit of Halloween as of course, they will be Halloween themed. The things we have in mind are as listed:
A Skin Comp.
A RollerCoaster.
Hide and Seek.
Small Minigames, for example: Truth Or Dare, Never Have I Ever.
Spleef (with a haunted twist, you have to wear Pumpkins for lowered vision).
Ghost Stories.
A Maze.

Who can come to the party?
Anyone is welcome, even invite people who are new to MineCats! This is not just Creative players, all of you are welcome! LionsDen players, Parkour Lovers, and everyone else!

When is the party being hosted?
It is being hosted on Saturday 28th October. We decided it should be close to Halloween but not on the date as some people may want to go Trick or Treating! >:) Please be at /p h:11 n_harmonia BEFORE 1:00PM EST on the Saturday. You are welcome to come and have a look around from 12:50PM to 12:59PM. Please DO NOT MISS the briefing as it is all about the event. You are all welcome to come, in a halloween skin or not; we’ll all be having fun.

Where is the party being hosted?
The party will be located at /p h:11 n_harmonia
What to wear?
THIS IS OPTIONAL. If you like, you are welcome to dress in a Halloween themed skin. This will help you have more chance of winning the skin comp.

Please leave any suggestions you have for games down below as we would love to know what you guys want!

Thank you for reading this.

  • Braadd, Draiocht_ and HeyMak.



  • I can't wait! I hope a lot of people come! :smile:

  • Can't wait to see it when it's finished, and I hope a bunch of you guys will come join us! :smiley:

  • I'd totally love to go, but I have a party to go to in real life at 2:00pm >n< I'll try and go for as long as I can (if I can remember x3 )

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