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MineCats Creative RP

edited September 2017 in Creative Plots & VIP

Hey fellow MineCats members!
I know a lot of you love role-plays, so I've got some great news for you..

MineCats Official Creative RolePlay
On September 23 (this Saturday) on MineCats Creative server, a giant Towny RolePlay will be hosted at /p h:10 cindy_k (for the role-play board, but you will be directed from there.) This role-play won't be your average one because this will have so many more players, and won't even have an end until everyone leaves. That means this role-play can go on for hours, and the only end point is when everyone decides they want to go do something else. Basically this role-play will be just like a regular role-play, just even bigger and better AND longer.
Here is some information you need to know:

Who: ANYONE from MineCats can participate in this activity. A few staff members that are chosen will help keep the role-play appropriate and fun. But remember - you have to follow the rules to be allowed to role-play.
What: This is a giant Towny RP, but with players from all servers and it lasts much longer. This is also going to be a very large role-play, so it might be a way different experience than the average role-play.
Where: This role-play will be on the Creative server. You will need to go to /p h:10 cindy_k first for the role-play board, but then you will be directed to go to the actual role-play which is right next to the role-play board, or at /p h:9 cindy_k.
When: This will take place this Saturday (September 23 2017) starting at 1:00 PM EST, but you can join any time. This role-play does not have a designated time of ending, it will only end when everyone is gone.

If you have any questions, please respond to this topic in the comments, or find me in discord with the username HeyMak#3734. I will also respond to any message in game, and my username is HeyMak. If you do not know what a role-play in MineCraft is, you can ask anyone in game and I'm almost certain they will know the answer. But if they don't, ask any staff member or myself. I hope a good amount of you show up, and I'm very excited to see how this goes. See you on Saturday! :D



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