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Creative Hallowe'en Build Competition.

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Creative Halloween Build Competition Saturday 30th of September - Sunday 29th of October

You may start building anytime starting from September 30th, and will have until October 29th at midnight EST to finish your build. Any builds submitted after this date will not be entered or judged.


Halloween! Your builds can be inspired by horror movies, haunted stories or other myths and tales! Make sure it isn't too scary! We don't want to scare our judges, do we? We don't want any inappropriate builds!

The build must be on /creative. Builds on /creativevip or any other server will not qualify.

The builds cannot be offensive or inappropriate.

Do not ask staff anything about the other contestants.

You can work together on your build, but only the plot owner will get the prize.

The judging will be based on Theme, Creativity and Difficulty.


After you finish your build:
When you have finished the build (which must be on the /creative server), comment under this post with your plot ID, ex. /p tp 1;4 (use /p I whilst standing on your plot to find the ID of the plot) and it will be entered for judging.


Announcing winners:
The winners will be announced by Halloween, 31st of October, in this thread.



Prizes will be given to the top three builds!
First prize: 2500 treats!
Second prize: 1000 treats and 1 player or staff head of choice!
Third prize: 500 treats and 1 player or staff head of choice!

We hope you participate and have fun! Good luck!

Keep watching this post for any updates!


  • I have been told that players have been having trouble with commenting on this forums post, if this is the case please message me on discord, Draíocht #5397, or a staff member that is on creative.

  • /p tp -39;29
    C: hope you like it

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    The results are in! This has been very close and rather difficult to judge as all of the Entries are excellent but the winners of the Creative Halloween Build Competition are;

    First Place goes to GrannyNeedsToWee
    Second place goes to TyroneMakara___
    And finally, third place goes to DearNootieMurphy!

    Congratulations to all that entered but especially to our top three builds! Contact me in game for your prizes. And I would like to thank all my fellow staff members for judging.

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