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A Brave New World

June 5th, year unknown

It had been weeks since the great upheaval began. Riots overtook the land and fire followed.

At first I didn’t fear the mobs. I have fortified my home to an extent unheard of in times of peace. But, these are no longer times of peace.

I see fires in the distance and at times have seen bands of looters on the horizon. I know they will come for me at some point, but till then I will try to maintain a level of normalcy.

Crops need tending, animals must be fed and my wards need protected.

My lands include a village of almost 40 people as well as servant quarters. I also rent small sections of land to allies on the outer perimeter. I think it is time for everyone to move inside the main walls.


  • June 7th

    I took my fastest horse to Tessie’s home on the western hillside. I saw the smoke long before the fires. Tessie is gone.

    I blame myself for not forcing her to the main house, but her stubbornness was one of the things I liked about her.

    The village also has been burned to the ground as well as the western gates to the Ventus Arena. I set fire to the remains to prevent looters form setting up camp in the highly fortified arena.

  • June 10th

    Looters have set up camp near the east wall. They brazenly burn fires all night. They want me to know they are there.

    I’ve been forced to implement evacuation of the main compound. I secretly constructed ships in a cove to the south. Everyone besides myself set out today. They will hold position on a small island and wait for me to join them. I will be staying behind. If they want this land they will have to fight for it.

  • June 15th

    They day has finally come. Armed men are attempting to breach the walls on three sides. Only the sea to the south affords me protection, as well as an escape.

    I think it may be time to leave, but I won’t just be handing this fortress over to those cur’s.

    I’ve set up several large explosive devices through out the compound. They will be set off when I launch my boat. I’ve also left a fun surprise for my attackers. I’ve been corralling zombies in a pit for weeks. When the explosions start the pit fills with water and will allow the zombies to run amuck.

    Farewell my home,

  • June 29th

    We have sailed for an eternity and now take refuge on an island I hope, is far from the war we left behind.

    Temporary shelter is being constructed. This island cannot support us all for long. I will set out in a single boat and search for a new home.

    The skies grow dark this night, I sense a storm coming.

  • July 3rd

    The rain has been non stop for several days. The winds threaten to tear down our makeshift home. Crying can be heard every night.

    My people are scared. They need hope but with supplies running low and this blessed weather, hope too, is in short supply.

  • July 9th

    The rains have stopped, if only for the moment. I can’t wait any longer, I must set out and find a new home for my people.

    My small boat will be of little comfort on the vast sea.

    I didn’t mention this to anyone, but in the early light of the dawn, I saw a caravan of boats slip by our island. Refugees or scavengers?

    The ships were not insight of the caravan and no fires were burning. I pray that we were not noticed.

  • July 15th

    I’ve made landfall and now search the terrain for food and fresh water.

    There are no signs of civilization yet. I try to forget the few ships I encountered yesterday. Burned out and set adrift.

    I must find a suitable home for my people. Even with rationing food and water will run out by the end of the month. There is not much time.

  • July 16th

    I had decided to begin laying out a perimeter for a new complex, but as I surveyed to the east I came across another doing the same thing.

    I didn’t get his name but he told me he had been huddled in a cave for a few days and decided to build a proper home. He offered to let me join him but I declined.

    He did speak of another much larger island to the south. I will set out for it today and hopefully it will meet our needs.

  • July 17th

    Blessed be the gods. I’ve found our new home. The land is fertile and there are trees for miles in every direction. Fresh water flows, well, like water.

    There is much wildlife as well as wild boars. I hunted several and have begun drying the meat.

    I found wild vegetables growing near by and have harvested as much as I could carry.

    This will be wonderful place to begin a new life.

    Ships and boats can been seen passing by hourly. Most just continue on, a few smaller boats stop and ask me about the land. I tell them what I can and most set sail again. A few stay and set up small camps nearby.

    One man, a particularly adept sailor, I hired to search for my friends on the small island to the north. I sent him with plenty of food and fresh water. I hope he is honorable.

  • July 18th

    Today is a good day. I have just broken bread with a good friend I had thought perished. Myab03 had joined me on many adventures in the past and I hope now that we will be able to ad more memories soon.

    Many other travelers as well pass by daily. Most wonder what happened to the old world. I tell them that worrying about the past is useless and to begin building another life in this new land. Most are hopeful for new beginnings, a few are angry.

    Anger destroyed the old world, we have no place for anger here.

    p.s. I received word from my friends on the island, they have sent word that they are safe and are waiting for me to send for them. It is a good day.

  • July 30th

    The celebration begins. My friends have finally arrived safe in this new land. But, that is not the only reason to celebrate.

    Queen cindy_k and her consort AeSix, were rescued from the palace and had taken refuge with my people on the little island. And now they are both with us in this new land.

    Much of the royal guard was killed in the battle to save the royal family so I have offered them sanctuary here with me and my friends.

    Tonight we celebrate, tomorrow we build our new life.

  • March 3rd year one

    It has been many months since last I recorded my day in this journal.

    Our days have been filled with toil and sweat, of which I have rarely been a part of.

    Our new compound has taken shape and is worthy of being called a home.

    But that is not all we’ve done. The royal palace has too been constructed. As well as ports and many small villages across the land.

    I have been surveying for the Queen for the past few months and have spent many a night sleeping on the ground under the stars. Its not as romantic as it sounds.

    Much of this new land is like where we left. But much more is foreign to us.

    No more can we rely on the massive transportation hubs so many took for granted. Our centralized trading is also in disarray. Many have constructed small shops in their homes.

    But, new ideas have come from this upheaval of man. When once before mankind was spread out to the far corners of the realm. Now, we have a more connected society that has allowed knowledge to be shared and great advancements to be made in a very short time.

    New ideas to improve farming, construction, defense, alchemy, and so many other aspects of our lives. It does come at a cost. You must learn the new ideas and that takes time. Some have embraced the new ways while others have shown a more reserved interest.

    I myself have not fully embraced the new system, but I try to keep up on most of it, so as not to be left behind.

    Queen cindy_k was quick to establish a civil society and sent emissaries through out the new lands to help calm unrest.

    Magistrates were issued for the four quadrants of the lands and within these quadrants Governors were appointed as well as peace keepers.

    I myself was made a Governor of our region and find myself honored to serve.

    I know not what this new world has to show me and my friends but I will surely be there for every moment.

  • June 19

    It has been more than a year since the cataclysm that claimed our former land. there were many more survivors then we originally though. Each day old friends and new join us here in this new land.

    It hasn't been easy, but when were we promised an easy life.

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