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Welcome to LionsDen

LionsDen is a Survival-mode server, with technical, economy and roleplay aspects.

Players are encouraged to survive on their own or in groups. We have Guilds for guild-chat and roleplay, SlimeFun, Exotic Garden, Infernal Mobs and a LOT of FUN!!! Grief Prevention is used by players to protect their builds and areas, and though some staff have access to WorldEdit, it is not usable by players - everything is built by hand!

The MineCats Community Minecraft server rules apply, with a couple of notables:
There is no griefing - Players are required to protect their builds with GriefPrevention (GP). Any thing that is not protected is available as an open resource for others to gather. GP has access lists, to allow claim owners to add or trust other players to have access to the claims. Do this wisely, as any "grief" that is caused by adding a malicious player is the claim owner's responsibility. You may modreq, but it is the staff's discretion if the grief is rolled back, or if the player is corrected/punished.
PVP is NOT allowed on LionsDen. Surviving is hard enough to have to deal with malicious players. Though the "PvP mechanic" is disabled, other methods of causing a player to die is possible, but NOT allowed. Punishment for this may range from a "stern talking to" to clearing of inventory, or even a ban from the server.

Now that the harsh stuff is out of the way, there's a LOT of wonderful things one can do on LionsDen. We have shops, server stores, and Villagers who really like Flanian Pobble Beads, and will trade a wide variety of things for them! Guild owners can invite other players to their guilds - Guild members get nifty cool titles that show up in the user tab-list too!

Currently, we use Population Density to help ensure new players have a pretty good start for resources and away from over building. However, we have limited PopDensity to strictly new player joins, and none of the normal commands are used, so no teleporting to other regions, etc. If, as a new player, you find you do not like the area you join in, go to /spawn and head to The Black Pearl Transportation Company, and get a free ride to 4 different ports (in the north, south, west and east) and venture out from there. At some ports, there are travel methods to various places, Vilalger shops, and some more clever residents of LionsDen have set up their player shops near the ports, for easier access!

Check out the towns near spawn, the LionsDen Island Mansion, and the large material mines too!

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