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Minecraft 1.13

Hello all! It's that time again. A new version of Minecraft will be arriving soon. Minecraft 1.13 PR1 (Pre-Release 1) is out. Knowing Mojang as well as we do, I would not be surprised for there to be a 1.13 full release before the end of July, and probably much sooner!

MineCats runs on server software that has been heavily modified from Mojang's base server. It takes time for the server developers to update these servers. The server needs to be updated and available to plugin developers so they may update their plugins. Some plugins will update considerably quicker than others, normally. However, with Minecraft 1.13, there is an extreme amount of code changes that has happened, which will require almost every plugin to be heavily updated, if not even completely re-written.

MineCats has several propriatary plugins which cindy_k has created and maintains. This means that at a minimum, our 1.13 server will need to be updated for her to update these plugins. She is usually really quick about this, but again, there has been massive changes in how the game server works. This will take time for both cindy_k and the public plugins we use.

The MineCats Community Minecraft servers will not be updating to 1.13 right away. However, there is a project which allows newer clients to connect to older servers. In this case, this project would allow your 1.13 client to connect to MineCats' 1.12.2 servers. Not to harp on what I've already said, but again, there has been massive changes to the code, and this version compatibility project may have some issues when it is first released. We will be doing testing before we release a public server on 1.13 or even with the 1.13 compatibility mode. Compatibility means there will NOT be new blocks, only that the new client can connect and be used on 1.12.2 servers.

Certain servers, specifically Vanilla and LionsDen will require world changes in order to allow for the new blocks and mobs to be available to players. Other servers may require some world tinkering as well. Creative, CreativeVIP and SkyBlock will not need to be changed much, if at all. Builds and personal areas on these servers will remain in tact.

LionsDen will be receiving a world border expansion. This means the current LionsDen world, as it is right now will remain in place and that new mobs and items will be available beyond the border. For those who have built along the border to use it's teleporting properties to go to the other side of the world, your builds will be safe, however you will not be able to walk quickly to the other side of the world any longer. At this time, it is not decided how large the expanded world will be. A lot of variables go into this decision, including announced plans for the next update.

Do not update to Minecraft 1.13 if you intend to continue to play on MineCats UNTIL we have said it is OK to update.

Create a new Minecraft launcher profile for 1.12.2. There are guides online for how to create a new Minecraft profile.

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