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July Donation Goals

edited July 1 in MineCats News

Minecats Donation Goals! Let's get some rewards!
Out test donation goal for the last part of July was a major success, and we have decided to continue this on for July!

First, a word about our June goal for July:
Our goal to get /fly for July was not met. But because so many pulled through yesterday, Cindy and I decided to give /fly to LionsDen for a week. This goal was $200, in just about 10 days. We were $56 short of this goal.

Now, our July goal for August:
This goal will affect LionsDen, SkyBlock (Islands) and Creative! All donations from The Minecats Store will go towards this goal. Because Creative has the rewards LionsDen and SkyBlock will receive, separate rewards will be given to Creative. If we meet the first part of the goal, the first reward will be given on August first. When we meet the full goal, both the first and second rewards will be given on August first.

The goals:
LionsDen and SkyBlock Islands; everyone will receive /jump (/j / /jumpto)
Creative; Villager+ will receive limited WorldEdit.
LionsDen and SkyBlock Islands; everyone will receive /fly
Creative; Guilds will be added, again Villager+ - More caveats below.

All real donations will count towards these goals. Coupons are not considered donations. For the full goal, $300+ cumulative must be donated before July 30, 11:59pm Eastern US time. (To clarify, it is $300 total, not $200 + $300)

The Caveats (Additional terms):
Villager+ will be required on Creative for the limited WorldEdit, due to abuses by "peasants" (our guest role) OnTime will be enabled in the next few days, with automatic promotion from Peasant to Villager for those who are non-AFK and online for a specified length of time. There will be plenty of time for everyone on Creative to become a Villager before these rewards are enabled.

Guilds will be added to Creative at the $300 donation mark. Villager+ will be allowed to create guilds throughout August. However, after August, Guilds will be set to be the same as on LionsDen. (If you're clever, you know what this means)

Skyblock rewards will be applied only to the Islands world, as they would completely ruin the purpose of the Parkours.

I will be setting some additional benefits to Bragging Rights, which will enable the donor to choose which server will receive the rewards. These rewards will change periodically and without notice. These will be available for LionsDen, Creative, Skyblock & Parkours, and for Vanilla as well. The rewards will be given to everyone online at the time of the reward, and will be given regardless of the donor is online or not. However, the current message will be displayed only when the donor is or comes online.

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