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How to Ruin a Day

So, last week I got a pet rat. He was 2 months old and the cutest little guy you could've seen. He was very nice and calm, and he'd snuggle all day. But a few days ago ,my mom noticed how strange he was breathing. We decided that he had a respiratory infection, which is a disease many rats have. That day my friend spent the night, and both of us played with him. The next day, minutes after she left, he started acting really weird. It looked like he was yawning but he wouldn't stop and he was running all over me really weirdly. My mom came, and she said he's literally gasping for air. We took him into the bathroom, and turned on the shower to get it nice and steamy. While I cried in the bathroom comfortingarrow-10x10.png him, my mom was in the room next door trying to contact an emergency vet. The vet said that if we made it to a vet's, we'd have to euthanize him. He said if he was so young to have lung problems, he'd always have them, so it would be best if we put him down. Minutes after that, Elvis the rat died in my hands.



You see, I'm extremely sad over loosing him, but there were other things that just bothered me about all of this. He was two months old, and we had him for five days before he died. So that's like living for only 2 months, and through that little time, only having 5 small days of love and attention. The other thing that bothered me was that he's a rat, an animal. Animals don't know what's happening to them. They don't know why they are feeling like they do. I couldn't imagine how terrifying that would be, gasping for air not knowing why you are doing that, or why your owners are crying while petting your head.


You see, I have 3 other pets, a dog, a bird, and a hedgehog. Each I've had for at least a year (Dog 8 years, bird 4, hedgehog 1). And they've seen so much more love than my poor baby Elvis. But as someone who has been sick for a long time, I now think that 5 days isn't that bad, even though Elvis deserved so much more time than he got. I also like to think that once you stop being sad over him, besides occasionally missing him, that is when he has made it to heaven. And I think, that Elvis is almost there.


You see, death isn't really such a sad thing until someone close to you dies.  I mean, if you think one night "Omg, one day everyone I love will die one day", it doesn't really bring you to tears. But, it does when it actually happens. I think that is why the cliche old "He's in a better place now" thing doesn't really help. I mean, you don't want him to be in pain, but you don't want him gone. All you can do is just hope they make it to heaven, or get reincarnated as something that will be powerful and live a happy life, like a human, or a powerful lion, or something like that. But besides that, you are alone.



Now, I don't want any "oh I'm so sorry" in this post, because I'm not trying to get attention in the littlest bit, but what I would like, is for people to hear what I have to say, and hear this story of a little baby rat who died too young. In his short life, he was very happy, for he made a little click noise (it's what rats do when they are happy) anytime he saw a human. He brought happiness to my family, even is he was not part of it for very long. And honestly, I respect this rat more than some people on Minecats, because what he did, brought more joy than one person can make.


I realize people have gone through deaths much more sadder than this, but his death really just got me thinking. It changes my view of life, and hopefully yours too, or at least on rats.


Unfortunately I do not have a picture, facebook crashes my laptop, along with 50 million other websites. I'll post one if I can.


Rest in peace, my poor baby.


We would have had Elvis for a week, tomorrow. 



  • Sad :'(

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  • *peace* ive only had one animial a rabbit, she died after 1 week. Now i have this cat.... I found it on the park, and i gave it food everyday, until its start following me, now it lives in my home xD

    awww that's so cute I've had one cat that I had to give away cause the place we were moving to wasnt suitable and now I have one very affectionate dog

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  • Not exactly what I wanted to start off with reading this morning. Everyone's life has a low point, all the advice I can give you is to perceiver. Just know people care about you. I know you don't even know who am, I'm just a guy who has been through a lot of challenges as of the last few years. 

  • Think of it this way

    Your sad because you loved him and the reason you loved him was because he made you had such a great time and he made you so happy and he wouldn't want you to be sad so just remember to focus on the present

    Hope I helped and if I didn't I'll delete this post

  • thank u

    How is that helping space? Your joking around when a friend is really sad. That's not right.

  • How is that helping space? Your joking around when a friend is really sad. That's not right.

    is it not? I'm not disagreeing with you about the post, it's really out of place and downright unnecessary, but sometimes joking around is exactly what a sad person needs. if it isn't intrusive and is actually funny (the part jacki lacks) I don't see what the problem is to adding some humor to a post that otherwise is very gloomy

    just my opinion

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