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My Application For CubTamer

O.K. Here is My Application for Cub Tamer! Hope you accept!


IGN: Ponycraft30

Age: 10

Amount of Time I'll Be On: Weekdays: After 4:00, Weekends: All Day

Timezone: Northeastern Atlantic

Build Style: Anything.

Why Should u choose me: I Love To Make New Friends and I Love To Help Players! Also i Can Build Good!

                                                      Your Friend,



  • edited February 2015

    Applications go in the Staff Applications section at the top of the page

    Also your application should be in form of an essay

  • anyway a little tip, the admins don't want to hear what build style u can build.

    What he means is your building skills and interests are not important for the staff position you are aiming for.
  • Ohh I See it! Thanks Guys!

  • am i so hard to understand?D:

    You kinda phrased it wrong
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