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Feralheart + Impressive Title, and The Endless Forest

 Feralheart is a game where you can choose to be a canine / feline and you can walk around. You can make maps and presets (Its like a skin but not everyone can see it UNLESS they have that preset too)

it doesn't have too much of a plot unless your roleplaying (because you can't hunt etc.) Here's a link to what feralheart looks like: (Don't ask. I chose a random photo) http://lacey186.deviantart.com/art/Feral-Heart-mods-scare-me-now-215141187


Feralheart is the basic new version of Impressive Title. Most of the times the registration is closed; but I was lucky enough to be able to make an account (kikichi4)


Impressive Title is the OLD version of Feralheart. It is slightly different (No its WAY different) and I think the only animal you can be is a feline. You can add wings too (In FH you can add wings as well). Impressive Title has more of a plot; you can hunt, fight, tame animals to make them your pets, etc. Ever since it has closed down there are some sites you can get on (Kovu, the co-creator of both games I think, has shut down IT, but has given the code out so you can make a server (?). )

Dragon's Den is one of the servers for IT (my user is Speerut). Here's the link:  http://dragonsden.freeforums.net/


So The Endless Forest is a deer game (Which does not have much of a plot, originally you were a fawn that became a stag that had to find a mate lol) and you can pretty much run around, eat and stuff. You do not need an account to play it; but if you want a PICTOGRAM (Your little halo thing to represent who you are), fawn ability thing, and wear/cast magic, you must have an account.

It is a small little fun game (Which is a bit boring though, as you do not have a storyline/plot. There are events; like the Giant Zombie Deer, (which is basically a giant zombie deer), some weather, and etc. When you download it, a readme.txt will appear (It has all the controls, etc) You can cast magic, (but unfortunately not on yourself), run around like a maniac, etc. Here is the link: http://tale-of-tales.com/TheEndlessForest/


That's all I have to say! Bai bai!

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  • Sounds like a poorer version of WolfQuest

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  • you give me an essay, I read it, I learn information, but I still have no clue why it's posted here and why I should give a shit

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  • you give me an essay, I read it, I learn information, but I still have no clue why it's posted here and why I should give a shit

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