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I wish you could mute people in local of your plot only, People spam so much, Denying them isn't enough!!! so please do something about this, Who agrees with me?



  • edited May 2015

    Local channel is not limited to plots- I know for a fact that it either has a circular radius of effect around the player- or it has a specific region marked out in which it is all one Local channel. These regions are ​undoubtedly   larger than one plot- At the least, it may be a 2x2 area of plots. Admins, (some)Mods, and anyone who has configured catchat themselves  can likely give you a more accurate description of Local Chat. If there is spam in your local chat- report the player to a staff member, make a modreq (ONLY if no staff are available), or do /leave l (or maybe it was /leave ch l) /lev (channel letter) . I will be posting a thread this afternoon regarding how to go about formatting a modreq, specifically one with a screenshot, and will link it here when finished. 


    But basically, No. 

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