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I demand my island

U see I had this problem before. I log in without access to my island but it was fixed by a mod. And now it's happened again!!! I will be on tomorrow in the afternoon my name is craftchampmc and ima patriot I will be on my island I need it so we can move stuff ( me and my friend xboxguy50 ) also his port 3 armor and sharp 4 sword and enchanted equipment was token away from his inventory when he relogged so please help thank you


  • if you are having problems with your island msg an admin or do /modreq . If there are no admins on do /glist to check for all admins on all of minecats

  • But like I need my island back if I leave it I cant get it back I'm stuck on it until a mod gets on line

    Please Help I cant afford losing all that stuff

  • Did you try /is fixhome ?

  • Dude I tried that already I need a mod online it happened before and I'm online right now So plez help me dude

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  • Like I can open a few chests and open some doors but if I leave I cant do /is home ink why

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