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Plugins that should be fixed/updated

Hey everyone! I just found something out...The reason why some server crash is not because of the host. It's most likely the plugins that should be UPDATED and/or FIXED! One of these plugins is World Edit (W/E). Personally, I love to use W/E but it can cause CRASHES, SLOW SERVER PING TIME, and even SERVER SHUT DOWNS! I have a server but i deleted W/E after it crashed the server majorly! If you are also experiencing problems such as LAG, CRASHES, FREEZING, and "DISCONNECTION", reply here. More plugins that need updating to be posted later. (I will include survival plugins as well)


Many Thanks!


(Jadon Trach)


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    Survival Plugins:


    Horses (I think it may have been updated?)

    Warp (/warp, /warpset)


    Land Claim (The golden shovel one...)


    Creative Plugins:


    World Edit


  • Iiiiiiiiit's most likely because of the host

  • i agree with the world edit and i think the shops with banners heads and op item shops are causing lag also the chat has some lag caused by the ads for role plays and ads for shops every 10 seconds  then it lags the chat and then once the lag stops all the people who said something goes on at once and that causes the crashing (which has happend to me a like 2 or 3 times) and the staff should help with the ads like everyone has to wait until one ad goes off the screen then one can do it and the staff could choose which one will do it.  


    From Michael0685

  • enderbutts, I am not sure what sources you are basing these assumptions off of, but it certainly not because of WorldEdit or any of the other plugins our servers use. For the past few days we have been experiencing connection difficulties as a result of extenuating circumstances not within our control--all as a result of our host, and that is the truth.


    cindy_k, the owner, has been hard at work ensuring loss prevention, minimizing as much damage as possible as a result of these technical difficulties. We understand the frustration, as we are also frustrated ourselves. Please be patient and bear with us as we get things sorted out. 

  • lightfire_ I am not frustrated. I just know because i check with my server every day. There is always an update to something. Most of those updates help. Some of them don't. I fully understand that there are issues with the host, but plugins play a big part too!

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