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for xXsavehorsesXx

I am having my 12 year old daughter (she's kind of immature) write an apology letter to the user who didn't know my daughter was asking to join her "role playing game" I'll let her take over


Dear xXsavehorsesXx,

I'm very sorry about what I said about you, please Un-mute me. The thing is, it's easy for me to lose my temper and I shouldn't swear. I'm sorry, can you please forgive me? That would be awesome if we could chill and be buds instead of fighting, and we could forget this thing ever happened




  • The forums are not the right place for this, settle these kind of problems ingame or via some form of personal messaging.

  • edited July 2015

    Thank you for the apology, not often folk say sorry for making a mistake. As Glad said, speak to the user on the server is probably the best way in case they don't use the forum often. Me and GladWrap replied to your other topic already so I'll lock this one. 

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