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Survival Frontiers

Like many people, I love survival, its fun, its entertaining, and I can do whatever I want to (rules and staff permitting). However I haven't been able to deny a certain boredom now, I've done most everything that is feasible on the server, what really would spice it up and make it way more interesting; Space. Or at least, a frontier that has never been accessible before on vanilla minecraft. To put it simply, there really is no better way to capture the imagination of people and challenge them to survive and thrive in different environments. A possible mod/plugin to use for this could be Galacticraft, a mod showcased in many of youtube's more famous youtubers. In this specific mod, one can create rockets, satellites, space stations, go to different planets in the solar system, encounter new forms of life, defeat dungeons and the bosses that lurk within (separate warp in server possibly?). Maybe space isn't your thing, whether it be the blackness, the void, or the complete lack of life (off planet), if this is the case, possibly a wholly underwater world, possibly patterned off of a mod Oceanica, or possibly off of the popular indie game Subnautica. Whatever the case, creating these worlds would not only capture the imagination, but also inspire people to get creative with how they survive and/or thrive.


  • This is not a modded server so mods aren't an option. I doubt plugins are capable of doing anything like that.

    Minecraft does get boring, though, and some things you can do to keep it interesting is just building. Or, if you're not out of the more creative bunch, you can keep working on your property, mining, establishing farms and businesses, making money and fighting for /money top. But in any case, I think the community itself is reason enough to stay and have fun with the players.

  • *sigh* would be cool to have a plugin that worked like though, I mean Nether Survival was nice, except for the block resets and loss of everything upon death

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