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[UPDATE] MobArena!

edited August 2015 in survival

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Lately we've been trying to bring new life to our MobArenas. Before, admittedly, they were stagnant, often unused, and the rewards weren't very exciting. We also had the same arenas for an extensive period of time, so I bet lots of you got bored of MobArena very quick.


I'm happy to announce, for those who don't already know, that we have 3 new MobArenas, all catered to different play styles and difficulties, with more on the way!


Take a look at the 3 new arenas:


Fossil--a map made specifically for the dark, atmospheric and bumpy paths, which pose a greater difficulty than most Arenas. But, those uneven paths, turns and hills will provide more obstacles for both you and the mobs, allowing yourself to take a breather and choosing your next move.



TrainingSim--A map modelled after a 'training simulator', with clear and visible mob spawn points and archer posts wherein players looking for more practice would be right at home.



and finally, Sky--An arena for a more thrilling experience, with lots of mob spawn points and the chance of falling through hidden traps on the floor or off the islands completely. Each fall is guaranteed death! Each island is connected by a thin path and is carefully planned so that mobs do not simply spawn on the paths (as that would just be unfair), but have a chance to fall onto the paths instead.



Lastly, I'm also very happy to announce that MobArena rewards have been updated! No more dirt, gravel, or minecarts as prizes! Instead, take a look at what you could win, depending on how well you do in the arena! Keep in mind that for every line of prizes, you get a random prize of one from the list. Not all of them!



3 Waves -> Feather (3), Bone (3), String (3)

7 Waves -> Gunpowder (2), Glowstone Dust (5), Gold Nugget (3)

10 Waves -> Iron Ingot (10), Gold Ingot (8)

15 Waves -> Diamond (2)

20 Waves -> Emerald (1)



7 Waves -> Bottle o' Enchanting (3), Quartz (4)

13 Waves -> Iron Sword, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Shovel, Iron Axe

16 Waves -> Diamond Sword

20 Waves -> Rabbit Foot, Golden Apple


Please keep in mind that these rewards are new, and are subject to change depending on how well they fare in-game.


That's all for now! We hope you enjoy the new arenas and the refreshed rewards; to join a MobArena, type /ma j [ArenaName]! The first letter of the arena name MUST be capitalized in order for the command to work! To see all the arenas, simply use /ma j by itself.


See you in game!



  • I cried tears of joy after seeing this

  • Please try if u can, to remove all de charged creepers.. :[ Just way too op.. nobody wants to deal with charged creepers.. specially more than one at a time. image/emoticons/default_happy.png" alt="^_^" srcset="/emoticons/happy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Much love n respect Lightfire. <3

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