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So... Market and money costed me a friend

OoychaiY-senpai is mad at me for selling my meow too cheap at /market ><
But I love mining! 95% of time playing I spend under height 15...
Ofcourse I'd love to trade some easily mined things for treats...

But I guess I should quit selling stuff at /market!
I indeed sell things cheap...

OoychaiY-senpai is a Cub Tamer now!
I thought OoychaiY-senpai would like me more if I had more treats... T  T
I'm sorry! > <


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    Feel free to sell items as cheap or as expensive as you wish. I'm sure OoychaiY meant it as a joke but either way you're more than welcome to set whatever price you want. Before becoming a mod I was undercut by a specific user for months and months. Nothing I could do about it, that's part of playing the market. Nothing to be sorry about here. 

  • Undercut Ooychaiy's prices as much as you want. 

  • Thank you everyone! Sorry for complaining. I believe this is just a weak spot for me.


    Before becoming a mod I was undercut by a specific user for months and months. Nothing I could do about it, that's part of playing the market.


    Well, guess it works like this irl too...
    Come to real market with cheap energy for example, and oil guys will get rid of you in no time.

    Pathetic to know that even in a game, you may lose a friend because of thing called "money" ><
    But on the other hand, put a high price and no one will buy from you.


    Why the heck do you call him senpai if he is being a little meow for such a little thing


    That's because OoychaiY had custom title like that before becoming a Cub Tamer.

    Besides that was cute and OoychaiY indeed has higher status than me.

  • Do what you want and beat him up. 

  • wow I never thought embargo was in minecats XD it would be fun tbh (for me)

  • he couldnt have a custom title aftersome the titles update came few months ago, and he has been a cub tamer for i think 1year and some few months now.

    And dont worry about "statues". Everyone follows the rules and doesnt get speicel things and doesnt control others.

    I hope you enjoy your time in minecats have a great day. As bloo would say



    Really? I thought OoychaiY became Cub Tamer not so long ago.

    Anyway, I know that we all supposed to be friendly, but people with high statuses (starting from Cub Tamer) still should be treated right. I mean those cases when you indeed do something wrong like spamming the chat and you've been told to meow up ^^

  • what even is this thread

  • Sad

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  • I don't think Ooy would wanna be friends with you any more if you had more money XD

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  • Don't quite see any need for the topic to continue on. Advice given by various people. Keep selling and undercutting, life is too short to be worried about one or two people you upset along the way. 

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