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Holiday Skin Contest!

edited December 2015 in MineCats News

Hey there everyone! The holidays are right around the corner so it's time to get festive and show off your skills and creativity!

Show off your creativity and skills at creating Minecraft skins and customize your current skin to a holiday version of itself! 

Please post your screenshots on this thread to be entered in the contest! Many of you forgot to post before screenshots of your skins but after finding other means of validation, that rule has been exempted from this particular contest.


The deadline to submit before and after screenshots of your skin is December 23rd! Judging will take place on December 24th and the winners will be announced and prizes given out on December 25th!


There will be awards for first, second and third place in this contest.

1st Place - Patriot rank (server of your choice)
2nd Place - Citizen rank (server of your choice)
3rd Place - 20,000 treats (server of your choice)

Have fun with this contest, we are looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful creativity! Happy holidays from MineCats!





It was no easy decision, all of you did so well at decorating your skins for the holidays but here are our winners!


1st Place - TylerPlaysMC

2nd Place - meowsic

3rd Place - Domino35606



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