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Hellllooooo, Every111Hero here

So, I realized, there are more minecraft versions being cranked out all the time, and it is only a matter of time before one becomes incompatible with the current world format. I am aware that, when this happens, the survival world typically resets. However, I have an enormous base with a ton of progress, and I wondered if it would be possible to, shortly before the reset, be allowed access to the world file to save my progress elsewhere. I dont ask for it now because that would be incredibly bias if you were to give me a world file that is still in use. But, having a load of progress, I would appreciate it if I could have a way to save it before it is reset.


Everyones Hero



  • edited November 2016

    1.11 is not changing the world, and it's doubtful that 1.12 will either.  You won't have to worry about this happening any time soon.

    However, generally, no, the world files are not given or sold to anyone. 

    However, we may auction them off, with bidding starting at $100k US (That's One-Hundred-Thousand dollars) (i.e. more money than anyone would spend on minecraft map files)

  • Actually I think giving away the world files once the world is reset seems like a good idea, and I have seen it being done a few years back. There are some pretty rad builds on Survival, would be a shame if they were to just become forgotten.

  • I've know other servers to offer it as a download after a reset but it usually was an enormous file and constantly failed about 2/3 of the way through.

  • Hi all, I've been mistaken.


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