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An Somewhat Upset Player.

You see, I have quite an few things to say. None all Positive i do suppose. This all may come off as an Complaint, and it might as well be, But i Will Share my thoughts upon this subject. The Survival Events. Now, For someone as myself who has been on merely after Minecats Had been created, i'm quite disappointed in what survival has become. For myself, Survival had once been a place i could go, to relieve stress from my everyday. Where i could relax with my few online friends, who happened to enjoy the server as well, yet, As an result to these Events, the opposite as intended has happened. This may be different for others, but i am speaking for myself and others who seem to have the same view as myself. I wanted to just come onto Survival, to build and create. Instead, i am forced to enclose myself within a protected base, with items needed to survive. Sitting there unable to do anything truly isn't appealing to myself. Now i know, I could go out, and perhaps fight other players, but as my personal opinion, That just doesn't quite sound like fun. The first event was stressful enough has it had been, dying and only having 10 seconds to recollect your items you had WORKED for, Before them vanishing. But now, Having this hardcore? An absurd choice. Now i can see how this would be fun to some, The thrill and what not. Perhaps i'm just an Party Pooper for my opinion being bland, yet that is how my mind is. Now, what i believe may be able to fix such things, Would for the Individuals who Want to Join these Events, would enter them. And for those, such as myself, who do Not want to enter, Do not have to. And can simply carry on with what they were doing before, without trouble, and without loosing the hard work they had put into survival. Perhaps take my words, and Consider some sort of change. I would like an response of their opinion on the matter, Thank you.


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