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Cubs and Patriots

In Creative It Seems As If Cubs Are Not Liking Us Patriots. Yes Some Of Us Can Get A Little Bossy, But Others Are Trying To Help. Should This Be A Real Topic Or Am I Just Saying That Cubs And Patriots Should Learn To Get Along Better?


  • Also It Could Be That Some Patriots Are Bot Liking Cubs.

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    There isn't really anything that can be done about this, from what I can see. If it becomes extremely harsh hate or harassment then I'd say to let a staff member know. Otherwise, don't worry too much about what other people think of you and just enjoy the game.

  • Ok, sorry for wrong punctuation.

  • Ok, sorry for wrong punctuation.


    No, don't be sorry. You type how you want to type. You'll always have friction no matter what server you're on I think. 

  • It's ok. Some patriots dont like cubs and some cubs dont like patriots. It's just Mother Nature testing her creation's emotions. (I tried to put something educational xD)

  • Patriot only means you payed 15 bucks for a few extra perks. Nothing that makes you different from cubs or any other player.

  •  Patriots and Cubs don't get along together because patriots think they control the cubs in creative. Just like jacki said.

  • Sooo cubs need to do some french revolution shiz amirite

  •  Patriots and Cubs don't get along together because patriots think they control the cubs in creative. Just like jacki said.

    Nah they don't, we do.


    (I have wifi for like 5 mins)

  • ..

  • why dont you also just change name to batwrap?

    Dont wann change it again if I dont have to
  • Alright Azzura.


    I understand that a lot of patriots feel like they have authority because they have perks and a title.  It is kind that some of them help appropriately with chat - but others do take on an authoritative tone with the cubs.  This is unacceptable, however, there is not much we can do about this except tell them to calm down when it gets out of hand.  As said above - the only thing about patriots is that they donated to have a few extra permissions that cubs do not have.  Nothing else.  Patriots should have no control over other players but no matter the title, regardless, we should all follow the /rules image/emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  • It's true, I have seen it before, too. They may be jealous or just plain out rude. Anyway, if they get bad they'll have to face the consequences.tough.gif

  • Alright point made, let's state it now so there are no future confusions.


    Patriots are not in charge of cubs, you are simply a VIP to the server because you spent 15$ on extra perks ingame, which we are indeed thankful for and hope you all enjoy the rank.


    The reason we have a staff team is to keep the peace between the players and to manage the server affairs where need be. If we wanted 40 cubtamers or mods we wouldof just called Patriot "CubTamer". 

    Let a staff member handle the problems of the server, if you see a cub breaking chat rules or server rules, simply take a screenshot and contact a staff member to get it to them so actions can be taken. You can warm them, yes, but you can't impose punishments on them because that would be trying to impersonate a staff member, which you are definitely not allowed to do.


    Let the cubtamers and mods be the "bad guys" to them, do not put yourself in a staff member's shoes. 

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