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Yandere roleplay for Minecraft Forge 1.8!

edited December 2015 in news

So guys.

I'm creating a Yandere high roleplay for Minecraft Forge 1.8.

Currently, the mods I'm using are:

Useful foods mod,

Custom npcs and

more player models

and Instant massive structures.


I'm currently far from completing it,having some Yandere Simulator Fans/People who know what it is

help me would be GREAT so, if any of you guys are interested please, let me know! You can also join the series when it comes out.



PS: I'm also trying to get someone to record it, not me. My youtube channel is still WIP.




Yours truly







Edit: If Cindy and the others approve, this might be able to turn into a fundraiser for Minecats, as I plan on making a multi-player modded survival series with Minecats' best survival players IF SHE AND THE OTHERS APPROVE.



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