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Creative Build Comp: Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung

Spring Break is coming!

From March 10th to April 7th
Spring has come! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, In this build comp you will create a scene that shows the beauty of spring!


You can start building any time from March 10th to April 7th. Builds will not be accepted or judged after.


Build anything that shows the beauty of spring blossoming! You can build bunches of budding flowers and cheerful animals, or maybe a simple meadow.

  • The build must be made on the /creative server, builds on CreativeVIP or any other server will not be judged or entered.


  • The builds cannot be against the rules.
  • Do not ask staff about the other builders.
  • You can cooperate on your build, but only the person who owns the plot gets the prize.


The judging will be based on Theme, Creativity, Originality, and Difficulty.

After you finish your build:

After you finish you build, create a /modreq on the plot, including that it's for the Spring Build Comp.

Announcing the winners:

Winners will be announced by Midnight EST on April 8th.


Prizes will be given to the three most interesting and unique builds!
They include:
$3750 treats and Patriot+Citizen combo on any server
$2000 treats and $10 store credit
$1000 treats and $5 store credit

We hope you join and have fun



  • The Spring Build Comp winners!

    First place: Windy_Night!

    /p tp 8;-14
    Cutie bunny

    Second place: Bygones!

    /p tp -76;35
    Busy bee

    Third place: yeehaww!

    /p tp -75;35
    Vacation time

    Thank you to those who participated!
    Even if you didn't win, maybe some of your builds got to spawn :smiley:

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