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Coming Soon! Classic Creative

edited May 15 in Classic Creative

Classic Creative is a Creative mode server.

Players on Classic Creative will be given an experience similar to how many players first encountered Minecraft multi-player - in a big, flat open world where anyone can build. With one exception: To build, players must build within their own claims. GriefPrevention (GP) is used by players to ensure that only they and those whom they add to their claim will be able to build/remove. WorldEdit is usable by the players once certain criteria is met, such as having played without AFKing for a certain number of hours.

There is also a nice roleplay aspect to Classic Creative. But like all of MineCats' Minecraft servers, the rules will still apply!

~*** Classic Creative is under active development and will be opened soon! ***~
As such, certain aspects may change slightly. There are a number of features that are planned, and will hopfully work with Classic Creative. But because not everything has been tested, these will not be specifically mentioned until such time they are known to work! Even at that, once Classic Creative opens, we may find issues and features that need to be fixed, removed, changed or even added.

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