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LionsDen issues - July 2018

edited July 12 in MineCats News

**Please read this entire post before asking any questions. If it's not covered here, it's probably not a question that needs to be asked. **

LionsDen world data has been fixed! WOOOHOOOO!!!

However, this does NOT fix missing blocks (within or outside of claims). Brlee3 and Bis_Auf have been instructed on how to assist users with missing blocks. After Sunday, however, these issues will either be resolved by the Admins, or they will go un-resolved - if you can't be bothered to read this, log in and ask for assistance either in-game or on Discord before then, then I am sorry. The Admins have other things they are doing and 4 days to fix these issues should be plenty of time. Additionally, you may also ask me, AeSix_Reficul, if I am not busy, and provided you ask politely.

Some not so great news, soulbound items have been disabled. this has been coming for a month now. This is due to the duplication issue with these items. I believe I have set the config so that those who still have these items will be able to use them, however they will decrease in numbers over time. Soulbound items are now not disabled, however, Corpses are, until a fix for the dupe issue is found.

Additionally, due to the extreme amount of "tickers" - SF items which cause a great amount of ticking, such as rainbow glass and wool, if the number of these items is not reduced to a level the server can handle, I will have to disable these as well. I am uncertain what all is affected - I believe machines are not, however I may be wrong.

Now for some happier news: I was able to configure SF so that signs, chests, skulls, and other items are protected from the effects of, and won't be destroyed by it. This means if the block next to these protected items is the target block for it, only it and any connected un-protected blocks will be destroyed. This should solve the otherwise minor issue with claims and lockette - however, again, if it is used directly on a chest, sign, etc, these items will still be destroyed and drop as normal. I would like to remind everyone that malicious intentions are not tolerated - this includes abuses of our griefing rule, pvping and spleef-killing people with it. If you haven't figured it out yet, Explosive Pickaxe has been enabled again. Enjoy!

Original Post:

LionsDen is having world data storage issues. The world is becoming corrupted. This has been going on for at least a week - small hints that the world is becoming corrupted start at least then. However, over the last several days, I have been inspecting the server and have determined that the world data is indeed failing.

There is two possible options:
1) I leave it alone and there's no immediate interruption to the service, everyone continues to go on and play. This will lead to an eventual situation where entire chunks, and then regions will be regenerating - with player builds and items being lost forever, and eventually the world as a whole would become unusable, and Minecraft won't even load it. I've seen this happen. There is no ETA on this, if I were to go this route. It could be tomorrow, it could be another 2 years. If this were the route I would go with, the eventual result would be to redux LionsDen with the original world files I created when LD was first opened, which includes just spawn area, and allow everything to start fresh. Roulette isn't a game I would like to play with player builds however. So this isn't the option I'm taking.

2) The option I will be taking, is to attempt to fix the server. This includes shutting down LionsDen completely, making a duplicate copy, running the world through a program to verify and fix the world files, testing, and finally bring back online. This will take many hours, and LionsDen will not be online until at least tomorrow (Thursday 12 July 2018 Eastern US time, at the soonest) Aside from this, I do not have, nor will I know when LionsDen will be back online.

The first step here is to take LionsDen offline indefinitely (meaning for an unknown amount of time, not permanently - I would say permanently if I meant permanently!) This is a must as the files must not be accessed at all while I am doing this work.

I will then be duplicating the entirety of LionsDen on the host server. This does two things - one, it allows me to have a complete restore point at the time LD was last shut down; and two is that the mere action of reading and writing the data to the disk will itself find and resolve filesystem level errors with the data. If the fix fails, or worse causes additional corruption, I will have a live-time backup to work with again (instead of digging through our backups). It is also possible that the issues we are having are caused by filesystem errors, which will be resolved with the copy.

Again, I do not know how long this will take. It may be several days. But LionsDen WILL come back - hopefully, preferably as it is, but without the corruption. If I cannot fix it, I will bring it back as it is, and let it live out it's final days for however long that is, until enough players complain, and then we will start a new LionsDen. I have no magic wand for which to wave around and make the server all better with a 100% guarantee, but I will do the best I can to bring LionsDen back up for all to continue to enjoy.

Please consider voting and donating, as these will lift my spirits and make me know that all of the time and effort I am about to put into fixing LionsDen will be worth it and that it really is wanted. We have all spent a lot of time working on LionsDen, and it makes me very sad when a server gets damaged like this.


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