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i’m really sad

i’ve been on minecats since i believe either 2012 or 2013 and it was my safe haven server. with all the cool people, great builders, interesting rps, you could never get bored. there was always a place to go or someone open to just talk. so please don’t take this badly but minecats died and here’s my opinion on why: well it started with the fact that chat mods were becoming kinda mute-happy, muting for silly things but whatever. and then the new word filters were a bit silly, then came the book banning and sign filters which kinda drove rp makers (like me) insane because it’s suprisibg how much books impacted rps and it sort of in my opinion triggered the beginning of minecats shrinking. the player heads soon were un worldedit-able and then the sort of ban of banners lava and water started making me insane. i get it’s to look out for griefing but it was kinda over the top. the book ban was for people writing bad things but why not ban certain people? i do realize they came back but it was a major inconvenience and lots of my friends started “relocating” and finding other servers. it was no longer fun and not to be disrespectful but the server was played around too much with all the updates, they probably should’ve taken a step back. this is my opinion, sorry if it’s rude

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