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Send Bis_Auf to the poor house, if you can.

I’m kind of embarrassed. Of what you may ask, of you. Why am I embarrassed? Because I am 50 years old, my laptop is a piece of junk and my internet is total crap and I still managed to out vote almost everyone on the entirety of Minecats.

On the Servers 100 list, we had just over 400 votes. Doing the math (400/31=13).

That’s right. It works out to 13 people supporting the server. (I know there were a lot more people than that, but very few voted more than 10 times during the entire month of July)

I can guarantee that way more than 13 people complained about the server in one way or another. You want more pluggins, you want more world options, you want more players, you want more, more, more!!

Ever think that you might be the problem. Our owners and Operators work tirelessly day in and day out, for nothing, That’s right, nothing. Minecats is not a money making venture paying for rent, food and other amenities.

Minecats owes its continued survival to you, the players.

I’m not asking everyone to chip in their allowances and paychecks to help the server (and I’m not saying you shouldn’t), what I’m asking for, is for each of us to take the time and Vote for Minecats on all the voting sites, everyday.

I can’t offer any rewards and I can’t promise any recognition, but I will promise this.

If, at the end of next month, YOU, out vote me on all the voting sites that offer a tally, I will call you out in a live stream dedicated to all the players who have done their small part to help Minecats, through voting.

And if, as a group, you can push my name, off of the top ten list on all the voting sites, I will give away my entire wealth I’ve accrued on Lion’s Den to one player chosen at random. (we’ll figure that out later, estimated wealth of 60,000 treats)

Do you want Minecats to be the best? Do you want Minecats to grow? Do you want to send me to the poor house? VOTE!


  • Votes will be tallied on Aug 30 so get out there and vote.

  • Kinda disappointed, but not at all surprised by the results of my Voting contest this month.

    I tallied up the votes and only 3 players were able to out vote me this month. BabyPuppy25, ElwoodN and Gamergirl415.

    I give a special shout out to Wolfifuur and Secret524, as they were able to tie my vote count on many of the sites.

    We ended up #7 on the top 100 list. Down 3 spots (?) from last month.

    I should mention, I only voted 17 times this month. I wanted to give the players a chance. If I’d only voted 10 times, I still would have kept my money.

    All the names in the top ten lists were the same.

    From this moment forward, anyone complaining about Minecats will be ignored.

    No one wants to do the least little thing to support this server, but they want to be treated like royalty and have their every little whim catered to.

    You reap what you sow.

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