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State of Minecats - July 2019

Good news, everyone! (Prof. Farnsworth, January 3000)

Staff stuff
May and June has brought some less than pleasant changes to Minecats.
We have lost some staff, namely n_harmonia, ElwoodN, and some others, for varying reasons.
BlueCharm is on hiatus, for personal reasons and may one day re-join us.

However, we have also gained some new staff - a few new chatmods, and Draiocht_ has been promoted to Senior Admin. She has been doing a wonderful job and all the props should go to her!

Behind the scenes work
We've been busy working to get a better, off-site backups solution going, which will be completed soon. This will allow us to have physical copies of all of Minecats data backups at our home, as well as on the servers in the datacenters. Anyone who remembers a few months ago, we had an issue with one of our hosting providers destroying our data due to their accounting system not applying our payments correctly.

Growing Minecats
Cindy has been hard at work creating AWESOME new memeish ads for Minecats on Instagram. Her current ad has reached 15 THOUSAND people in 5 days and has 5 more days to go! Absolutely amazing! Even if 1% of those people join Minecats, that's over 150 new faces! (We have had over 1200 new, unique visitors to Minecats since Cindy has started the ads)

I have been working to smooth our some issues with configurations for the Minecraft game servers, proxy and gateway servers, and data storage. I've also been working with plugin developers to get some of our more important plugins up to snuff for 1.13.2 (which is still an issue for everyone!) and investigating 1.14 problems, plugins, problems, updates, problems, more problems...

Future Plans
We have decided that until Mojang gets their act together and produces a stable Minecraft 1.14.x server, we will refrain from updating Minecats beyond 1.13.2 We may, however re-add 1.14.x client compatible connections in the future for 1.13.2 servers. By doing so, this will allow players to use the 1.14 client to connect to Minecats - HOWEVER IT WILL NOT GIVE ANY NEW BLOCKS, ITEMS, or MOBS. This will cause those new items in the client inventory to become useless on these servers, which causes players to complain that "Hey! I can't use this new item!" - and so everyone needs to calmly remind them that the servers are only 1.13.2

Skyblock & Parkours is still at Minecraft 1.12.2 due to the plugins being used not having all been updated for the previous server upgrades work cycle. A new round of server upgrades will happen soon, and Skyblock & Parkours will be be upgraded to 1.13.2 at that time. We may, at that time, update Skyblock separately from Parkours, as many of the parkour builds rely on 1.12.2 mechanics to function properly.

We may also look at doing a "LionsDen - Season 2" - a 1.14 server in the near future, once Mojang releases a stable 1.14 server. The current LionsDen server will remain available for a short time after the introduction of LDs2. No builds, items, inventory, will be transferred, outside of some nicer builds present for aesthetic purposes, at staff discretion. LDs2 would be a new server, with a few changes, and possibly a new world.

Comment Below!
Please comment below regarding anything here you have questions, concerns or just comments about. Let us know what you're thinking!

LionsDen restoration

LionsDen is back open to the public! The major issue has been resolved. Some minor issues resulting from the major issue are also resolved. You can read more here: https://forums.minecats.com/threads/lionsden-issues.62/

LionsDen issues

LionsDen is an old server. It's been mostly stable for 2 years and 3 versions. Today, however, WorldEdit decided to not play nice.

A large (VERY LARGE) area was adversely affected by a failed paste attempt. The staff who pasted the item is not at fault. However, the area affected covers potentially hundreds of claims.

Our initial resolution to resolve the issue failed. This involved reverting to a 9 day old backup of LionsDen, and then re-doing all of the non-worldedit block changes over the last 9 days. This resulted in the same area being in the same condition it was previous to the repair attempts.

I ran a poll in Discord. There was an overwhelming cry to use the least impactful solution going forward:
To return to the 9 day old backup and use that.

However, I will be attempting one more repair. This will involve reverting JUST the affected area to the 9 day old backup.
This will have the least impact on players, and should resolve the situaiton in full. However, this WILL negatively affect *some* players. This will be done Monday, May 20.

Additionally, we will be resolving all issues with backups this coming week, and so that all servers are backed up properly, and reoutinely. I've been working on this solution for over a week, however have been called off of it for multiple various reasons, including some personal events in life.



New day, better mood! I've been able to find exactly which files have been corrupted! YAY! I'll be able to replace just those files, and leave the rest of LionsDen as it is!!! HOORAH! This has taken some time, lots of math, and the threat of completely ripping Mojang a new one for their idiotic and retarded representation of the coordinate system used within Minecraft.
It looks like there is 15 region files which will be replaced. All of the damage is within a 1x15 region area, and the only claims I've found are much older than 12 days old. There are a lot of areas which are built but not claimed, however.
I will be replacing these files, and doing some testing. Once I am done, and the server is open for everyone again, I will be re-adding lionsden to /gwho, unwhitelisting it and allowing everyone on. This may take some time though. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your patience and understanding. I'm also very sorry for my attitude yesterday. Hopefully we can get things back on track and in good working order again today!

There is a bedrock wall around the affected/recovered area. If your claim falls within this area and does not seem quite right, let me know and I will attempt to recover the area using logblock. No guarantees however!

There seems to be some issues elsewhere outside of the cordoned off area. The bedrock wall is at 120 blocks altitude, between 512 120 0 and 8191 120 512. The area inside the wall has been recovered from our backups. Any messed up areas outside of this area may or may not be part of the initial issue. We will continue to investigate these much more minor issues as players report them.

To report your area as needing staff inspection, and hopefully to recover the area you need to do a few simple tasks:

1) Decide how big of an area is affected, such as 10 x 20 blocks (a diameter measurement)
2) Go to the CENTER of the area that is affected. Stay there.
3) issue a new ticket: /ticket world corruption issue, about 10 x 20
. 3a) Replace "10 x 20" with how big your area is.
4) Wait for staff to respond to your ticket. Make yourself available on Discord if possible.

We will work as quickly as possible, making a nuisance of yourself will only cause us to ignore your ticket.

Staff, for those who have access to use logblock, this is the only command you need to run:
/lb redo area 20 since 09.05.2019 before 19.05.2019
Replace "area 20" with the smallest size area that will cover all of the player's area. If the area is very long, please do multiple commands with a reasonably sized area parameter. for example: If the area is 200 x 20, use "area 50" and start 25 blocks in from the end and 10 in from the sides. You will have to do this 4 or 5 times, moving along the length of the area for each time (some basic math is needed here, sorry)

That thing over there ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

is broken. Just open Minecraft and see how many people are on. I'll see about fixing it later.

Tapatalk is here!

We have Tapatalk, so you can take Minecats forums everywhere you want to take your phone - on the bus, to the back yard, to the library, in the bathroom, where ever (just don't tell us if it's gross!)

You get a really good experience, live alerts when friends message you, and when forum posts you watch are updated! Take it for a spin, and see what else Tapatalk can do for you with Minecats!

Apple iOS:


Staff info, positions & descriptions

The Minecats Community staff are all players who want to give back to the community. Every staff is a volunteer

This information is here for ALL players, so they understand what it means to be staff.

Because staff are unpaid volunteers, there are some considerations:
First and foremost, real life always must come first.
There's a few reasons for this - one, if you're an adult and you put Minecats before your work, you'll soon be out of a job, can't pay your internet and then electric bills, then you'll be homeless - and you can't work on Minecats if you're homeless without internet and power. Right? Another reason is, if you're a student, you need to focus on doing good in school. Though school may seem pointless, the paper you get at the end will help you later in life to succeed and prosper. That means having a job, paying bills and not being homeless. Which means being able to do fun things like play/help on Minecats.
Another, and possibly the most important reason for putting real life before Minecats is pretty simple - but pretty big. We don't want the drama of your life affecting Minecats. If you have something you need to deal with and correct which is preventing you from being your best and doing a quality job on Minecats, you need to handle that first. Technically, the first two are covered under this - but those are the two more common issues staff have. But this also includes situations such as arguments with friends, moving, new babies, new pets, health issues, anything that could cause you to not be your best. I know Minecats can be an 'escape' from all that, and can help each individual to cope with those situations - and that's fine, as long as Minecats is not adversely affected. We're all here to enjoy ourselves, and when a staff (or any player for that matter, but especially those representing Minecats) are having a bad day, it can easily cause others around them to suffer as well.

Even though Minecats staff are not paid, it is still a role of responsibility. This means staff are given privileges and control. It also means that each staff is expected to make an effort to do their best - to do their job to the best of their ability; to be on as often as they can without impacting real life; and to see to it that tasks they take on are completed.

There are certain expected and implied aspects to being staff.
It is expected that the staff will fully understand, comply with and enforce the Minecats rules. It is also expected that when staff say they will do something for the betterment of Minecats, they do it in a timely manner, seeking assistance where needed. Timely manner does not mean you have to work 40 hours a week on Minecats - it just means that if a project should take no more than 3 days, then it shouldn't take a month to complete, but 7(n)0 days is understandable. After all, there's real life to deal with.
It is implied that staff will act, chat and otherwise behave appropriately for a family friend public community. It is also understood that staff will be active participants on Minecats' Minecraft games, and on the Discord chat, again when available and life isn't being a pain in the rear.
These are just some of the more important things. Staff have other rules and policies they must follow to stay on staff.

Staff position descriptions:

* ChatMod is displayed in-game as "CubTamer"
* This is the first, basic position on Minecats Minecraft.
* ChatMods are given ChatMod position on every server upon acceptance to staff.
* Ensures chat is calm & appropriate for an all-ages - if it wouldn't be in a Disney movie, it's NOT OK for Minecats.
* These staff have the ability to mute players, and to request assistance from higher staff for bans, if needed.
* ChatMods receive /helpop requests, and are also given access to various private chat channels, in-game and on discord.
* Like community helpers, all ChatMods are expected to continue to help players with minor issues, understanding of Minecats, the rules and game play aspects.
* Required before applying for or being granted the Moderator position

* Moderator is displayed in game as "Mewderator" (sensing a cat theme here?)
* Moderators are promoted from ChatMod on a per-server basis only.
* The most basic function of the Moderator is to moderate game play,, and requesting assistance from Admins+ as needed.
* These staff is responsible for making sure that there is no inappropriate builds (shapes or block-words), signs, etc.
* Moderators handle /modreq requests where possible, and communicate to higher staff where needed.
* Required before applying for or being granted GM or Admin positions.

: (aka GM)
* GMs create smaller, server specific special events for all players to join, play and win rewards.
* GMs inherit Moderator role, with additional privileges as needed to create, run and complete their events.
* GMs also moderate chat, gameplay and builds for their events, with assistance from other staff as needed.
* May have some additional privileges taken from Admin position. Consider GameMaster as "Jr Admin" in this regard.
* GM may be promoted to Admin.

* Displayed as "Catmin" (hehehe! So pawesome!)
* Admins are promoted from GM or Moderator, on a per-server basis.
* Ability to enforce all rules, and correct players and staff unwilling to abide by the rules.
* Can mute, kick, and ban.
* May assign players to a community helper position in recognition of that players' good works for Minecats

* Displayed as SrAdmin - CreativeAdmin, SurvivalAdmin, ArcadeAdmin, AdventurAdmin (HUH!? Read below!)
* Has same responsibilities, control and knowledge of Admin on the server arch-type.

We have 4 server arch-types, and 4 SrAdmin positions. Survival-type, Creative-type, Arcade-type and Adventure-type. SrAdmin position is SrAdmin on all of the servers of an arch-type. "Survival SrAdmin" is SrAdmin on all of Minecats survival-type servers, including Survival, Vanilla and LionsDen.
* SrAdmins have the ability to global ban players
* Assists all staff in lower positions with tasks, events, and issues.
* Helps guide the direction of the servers, with new feature requests
* pays attention to player complaints and requests to communicate to staff as needed.

* Displayed as GameOp
* The GameOp is responsible for ensuring the social and game-play aspects of Minecats runs smoothly
* All SrAdmin abilities, privileges, control, etc for all servers
* directs the SysOp to perform server work as needed, such as new plugins, world fixes, plugin updates, config changes, etc.
* Is the staff boss. Responsible for ensuring all staff are being staff. Works with SysOp and Owner to promote Moderators to Admins and Admins to SrAdmin.

* Perferms every duty from every position below.
* Ensure the server hosts and game servers are running optimally, effeciently and safely.
* Responsible for updates, upgrades, back-end work and new server builds
* Reports to the owner, works with the Owner, SysOp, SrAdmins and Admins to ensure the games are working properly
* Ensures the players are on their toes with the occasional troll - Did somebody say infernal wither!?
* Minecats Windows and Linux Systems, database, security, network and backups Admin duties

* Owns (like, legitimately, legally, financially owns) The Minecats brand, websites/services, game servers
* Owns all financial responsibilities for Minecats - including paying the bills!
* Her word is law which all must follow. (Including the SysOp))


UPDATE: Maintenance was completed approximately 36 hours after start. The servers are stable and running. If you find any issues with the server please report them to https://support.minecats.com - this could include corruption in the world, connection issues, etc.

Who: Everyone will be affected, run by AeSix_Reficul
What: Server host Maintenance.
When: Monday April 29th from 7am (Eastern US time), no estimated end time.
Where: All of Minecats Minecraft servers, including Snappy.
Why: Due to a storage system issue, seemingly minor, a full check needs to be run.

All of Minecats Minecraft servers will be offline starting after 7am. There is NO ESTIMATION OF DURATION! The server host's storage needs to be checked. This may be anywhere from 10 minutes to 16 hours, or more, just for the storage check. I will also be doing some preparation and possibly other maintenance tasks while the servers are offline. This maintenance will affect ALL of Minecats Minecraft servers, including Snappy.

I know this is untimely, and short notice. I am certain the storage is OK, however, the system seems to have found at least some minor issues.

When I have more information, I will update the community. I greatly appreciate patience and understanding from @everyone - and will ask that this message be referred to instead of asking me what I'm doing. If you do not understand the work I will be doing as explained above, then it's over your head and I will not have the time to explain it in detail to you. Nor do I feel like trying to squeeze 30 hours of training into a single post.

MInecats 1.14 plans

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY! - Prof. Farnsworth, Futurama

Minecats is currently compatible with 1.14 clients. HOWEVER there are some issues. I'll explain:

All of Minecats Minecraft servers are currently 1.13.2 servers. Except the Skyblock & Parkours server, which is 1.12.2.
We are using ViaVersion on our Bungeecord server, which allows 1.14 and 1.13.2 clients to connect to ALL of our servers.
This means you can use the new 1.14 client to connect to all of Minecats, if you wish. It also means you can continue to use 1.13.2 clients to connect as well, which is helpful if you're using Optifine.

Access to the servers with 1.12.2 clients is no longer possible. We will be updating Skyblock & Parkours to 1.13.2 in the near future. In the mean time, 1.13.2 and 1.4 clients may connect to Skyblock & Parkours still. Some Parkours with 1.13.2/1.14 however may become more difficult, and may even seem impossible. If you find a parkour you cannot complete, please try another one.

Currently, Minecats uses a modified server implementation (Spigot) to run our game servers. Yes, Mojang has released their 1.14 server, however it will take time for the Spigot developers to release a good, stable, safe build of Spigot for 1.14. Until that time, Minecats will remain running 1.13.2.

Minecats has a "testing" server, which we call Snappy. Snappy is focused on testing Mojang SNAPSHOT servers. Between their snapshot cycle, we will run a full version server on Snappy. This means, Minecraft 1.14 (from Mojang, currently) is hosted on Snappy. We plan to change Snappy to a Spigot 1.14 server. We will start with a development build, and if it is stable, will continue to host Spigot 1.14 on Snappy. If it is not, or we have issues, we will revert to Mojang's 1.14 server, until Spigot 1.14 *release* is out. After some testing there, we will promote Minecats Vanilla to Spigot 1.14, to test our basic plugins and provide access to a 1.14 survival mode server through our network of game servers (being able to do /server vanilla instead of having to disconnect and connect to Snappy)

We will be running Spigot 1.14 on Vanilla for some time before updating any other servers. Any Spigot 1.14 server we run will be accessible only with 1.14 clients.

In short:
We're waiting for Spigot 1.14 to be properly tested and polished before updating our mainline game servers.
We have a testing server (Snappy) for you to help us to test things, find exploits, bugs and "It's a feature, I swear!"
We'll be updating Vanilla to 1.14 before any other server.

To connect to Snappy:
To Snappy, for testing 1.14 stuff, use test.minecats.com

To connect to Minecats:
For our mainline games, such as Creative, LionsDen, etc, use these addresses:
play.minecats.com (our main address)

If play.minecats.com gives you connection issues, try using one of these addresses, which connect you to different places in the world, and which has a stable connection to our game server. Snappy is not available through these address, sorry.
us.minecats.com (Minecats' gateway for the North and South American continents and islands)
eu.minecats.com (Minecats gateway in France, for players in The EU, Africa, and possibly Asia & Oceana as well)
uk.minecats.com (located in London, for UK and North Europe)
sg.minecats.com (in Singapore, for Oceana, Asia)

Try play.minecats.com first, if you have issues, try the gateway closest to you - But mind you, how the internet works, another gateway may be more stable and less laggy. If you have issues connecting to ALL of the addresses, let me know!

Show us your beautiful builds!

I am looking for Landscaped pictures of the server for the website.
Be sure to tell me which server your picture is from.

Thanks! :giggle:


With the awesomness of new forums comes some sad news.
You'll have to re-register your account.

But DON'T PANIC! Ok, maybe a little. All of your old posts, old follows/followers and such are gone.

Well, Using the internet's Wayback Machine, you can find old posts and copy/paste them for posterity, if you'd like!
This is the link to the last copy of the old Minecats forums, before OVH's billing problems completely destroyed our servers:

Good Luck, and Good Posting! <3

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