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Welcome to The Minecats Community!

More specifically, welcome to the Minecats' Forums!

Minecats is a community built for and by our members. We are a family friendly and welcoming community with one thing in common: We enjoy having fun playing games together.

We are a community based primarily around the game Minecraft (Java Edition), however we have occasionally branched out to other games as well - some we've hosted servers for, others we just play together, or just talk about with each other.

Aside from our main website, and our Minecraft servers (play.minecats.com), we have these forums, a support website, and a happy, growing membership on our Discord Community Server! Our forums are also present on Tapatalk!

Minecats has a presence on Twitter, Reddit, PlanetMinecraft, and many vote/directory sites!

Our Minecraft servers are open to the public, and we don't charge for access. Many additional features and functions (account upgrades) can be earned through the game with time and game play, as well as purchased through our Tebex BuyCraft store. Proceeds from the store help to alleviate the financial burden of running the Minecats servers. Our Donators (those who purchase account upgrades) are some of the nicest and friendliest people you'll ever meet! Of course, I can say that about all of our members!

Please feel free to drop by our Discord Community Server to meet some really great people, and to hop on our Minecraft servers to have some great fun!

To get started with the community, please read our rules!

To get started with the forums, please read this page for getting your UUID

Thank you, and Welcome to Minecats!

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