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Connor/Quackity's Creative Server MiniGames!


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Now that the forums are back, I can keep updates on my new MiniGames!.​

Welcome to the forum thread for my daily MiniGames! This where I will post updates, make announcements, answer your questions and post the top weekly and monthly MiniGames winners!

There are currently 3 games fully built and able to be used. Skin comp, Parkour race and Maze runner. I currently have Spleef under construction.

--So this is how it all will work--

For every mini game, there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The prizes for those will be 1,000 treats for the 1st place, 500 for the 2nd place and 250 for 3rd. There will also be MGP's (MiniGame Points) given to each place. The amount given will depend on the Minigame and its difficulty. There will be two scoreboards on each MiniGame plot. One for the recent 1st-3rd place winners and one for the players who have earned MGP's for that MiniGame.

-The MiniGames will be held once a day at 5-7p.m. EST (I have school on weekdays and so do a majority of players, the time will change depending on if I am busy so between 5 and 7 pm the event will occur.) All events will be run and prizes will be given out by me (username: QuackityHQ__), unless specified otherwise and another staff member may take over the event for that day. All of this is coordinated by me so all questions will be taken and answered by me to the best of my ability.

-Go to /p h:10 n_harmonia to get to the MiniGames plot (tell n thank you for lending me his plot to use!)

-At the end of the week they will be tallied up and the top 5 with the most MGP's will be announced on here and in game and will receive treats. (5,000 for First place, 2,500 for Second place, 1,250 for Third place, 625 for Fourth place and 312.5 for Fifth place.)

-At the end of the month the MGP's will be tallied up and the player with the most MGP's for that month will receive 10,000 treats. The next month, all MGP's and 1st-3rd place leaderboards will be reset.

---Note: If you wish to receive your treats on another server (any server that takes /money payments) be sure to let me know in a quick /msg ! :)

There are a few other MiniGames that I plan to add in the future such as Hide and Seek, but if you have any suggestions, leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP!

[The plot is still currently under construction so rules for the games and the setups may change overtime. If you have any concerns or issues, direct them to me and I’ll make sure things move along steadily.]

Thank you for reading, Happy MiniGaming fellow MineCatsians! :)
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I’ll try and do a minigame tomorrow if I can, sorry for slacking on this! :’)

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