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Creative's Easter Themed Build Comp

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Creative is hosting another Build Competition for all to join, but this time, the theme is Easter!
As Spring continues, Easter is getting closer, and so is the Easter Bunny.

You will have from April 4th to May 4th, one entire month to get some fantastic builds created!


You will need to build your entries on the Creative Server, using /server creative to get there. Make sure to follow all the rules (shown below). The builds will need to be themed around Easter.
Once you have completed your build, submit it by standing on the plot of your build and making a /modreq.

Build Competition Rules
1. The build must be done on the specified server. Builds on other servers will not be accepted.
2. The build must be entered by the deadline. Late entries will not be accepted.
3. The build must be 100% original content that is not an old creation, whether yours, or someone else's.
4. Builds must not be started until after the built comp start date.
5. No inappropriate builds or signs.
6. You may build with others, however prizes will not be given to groups of players. Only the plot owner will be given the prize, the player who has done the majority of the build should be the one to compete.
7. You may enter only one build per competition.

There will be three winners from the Build Competition! The Prizes will be announced closer to the finish date.

Have fun and good luck! :)
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