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Departure - markosaradad


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ChatMod, basically
Sup, tis I, marko, mark, markosaradad.

If you are part of the discord you might have recently noticed a recent trend of staff unexpected leave.
And even if you aren't part of the discord community doesnt really matter to me anymore.

Yes, this is me genuinely saying goodbye to the community. As I couldn't do that in the discord, due to an unexpected speed up in my departure. I've enjoyed my time in the community, its been a wonderful good 5 years. But I am at minimum taking a break from the community. I may rejoin the community one day, and I hope that concerned parties will not have any issues with that. but, yeah, feel free to dm me on discord if you ever want to talk about whatever lol. my discord is on the about portion of my profile. Im not sure how many people check out the forums but yeah loll. alright goodbye friends foes and everyone else.


(oh btw ae might wanna get rid of my mod ;) )

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