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Excuses and reading comprehension


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Recently (last night) I posted this gem on our Discord channel.

"@everyone Here is a little public service announcement. If you left the server for a long period of time and are just coming back and all you have to say is "Where is everyone, this server used to be packed?" Think about it for a second. WE stayed, YOU left. Loyalty keeps this server going. Are you being loyal? "

Only one person was able to glean the meaning, the rest got all bothered and spun out excuses as fast as their offended little fingers could type. (or tap on their phone)

I'd list some of the comments, but there is no reason too as most people didn't understand and I'm too tired to explain it to them all individually, so I'll try to do it here. (and fail miserably because most people don't want to understand, just whine)

The reason Minecats' numbers have fallen to these dismal levels is because their is a lack of loyalty. Give any excuse you want but that is the reason.

LIFE DOES COME BEFORE MINECATS. Aesix and cindy_k stress that to staff daily. I understand, I get it, not trying to say the server is more important. Get this through your pointed little heads.

Also try to understand I am not talking about Minecraft (even if you think it is a stupid childish game). I am talking about our server.

Everyday, someone logs in and the first comment is "Wow, this server is dead. I used to play here 3 years ago and their were 200 people online all the time, what happened?".

I'll tell you what happened: you left for 3 years, just like everyone else. You went to other servers, you know you did so lets not lie about it. I play other servers too, I've seen some of you there. (screen shots available if you wish)

Its okay to play other servers, I encourage it. Sometimes you need a fresh take and it helps. But to leave for 3 years and complain that our numbers are down, its on you.

I know school exists, relationships exist, work exists. If you think I was attacking you because of those things, you need to examine yourself. (why feel so guilty?)

The comment was for active players who stopped being active at Minecats.

I could tell you that I babysit 5 grand kids in two different cities 7 days a week. Sleeping in my own bed has become a luxury that I rarely enjoy. I've loved and lost, worked 60 hr weeks and continue to do side work to this day. I've gone through the gambit of medical dramas, both mine and those of my family members. I've watched the birth of 3 grand children while I've been here. I struggle with my own depression and days I just don't want to deal with the world. I manage 3 Youtube channels, 3 twitter accounts, 1 Patreon, 6 Facebook pages. I've buried friends and loved ones. (yet Don lives on?) I have been through it all in the past few years.

To stand there and say you couldn't log on once a month to say hi? Well that I find impossible to believe. (pardons given to the elite few who had no computer or internet for long periods of time)

Stop getting offended about everything, start owning up to things.

If you still don't understand how loyalty plays into things, my God have mercy on you wretched soul.

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