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hello people of minecats.


Well versed!
UPDATE: heyo! its me, floette again. i now go by moodykitso or kittycozmo. dont worry floette will live on still! owo

[floette appears by falling down some stairs, unharmed!?]
hello. its me, floette, aka the dead minecats player. i've been on minecats since 2015 (it was my first server i went on when i started multiplayer a month later after i joined minecraft as marinamae99) and i still go on there occasionally.

remember the *eats floette* thing back in 2016? that happened when i was "DontEatMyFloette" cause wHY NOT--

If you find someone by the name of "moodykitso", that's me. if you knew me as marinamae99, then hello there. long time no see. if you knew me as "DontEatMyFloette" (terrible name, i know...) or "floettes", then um, hey.

discord // moodykitso#1888
yt // KittyCozmø
hatena id // pakatchi
sudomemo // KittyCozmo (i make animations)
colors live // moodykitso
twitter // moodykitso
instagram // kittycozmo_

✿ ✿ ✿

edit 27/04/2020: updated my contacts
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