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hey uhh


Well versed!
its been a good ol' while, hasn't it? well i'm back now (until i become inactive again like the millions of time i have) and that's that! floettes is back! you can find me on creative (like i've always been since i was marinamae99) and sometimes skyblock (i tend to challenge myself to parkours).

my laptop keys have been acting up (my laptop is old welp) and it got even harder to play mc due to my keys not working (started in 2015 with my spacebar and its kinda escalated). i had a workaround by using my laptop's touchscreen keyboard (my laptop is a touchscreen) when my spacebar broke, until i got a wireless keyboard in 2016. it went well until it stopped working. luckily for me, i had a spare keyboard and i've been using it ever since!

my laptop hasn't been that great and i'm suprised it still works after that "my laptop's being super slow" incident that happened a while back.

TL;DR: floette temporarily quit minecraft due to laptop issues.
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