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Item replacements


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Occasionally, players will lose items. There are various reasons for this. In most cases, lost items WILL NOT BE REPLACED.

This is due to the overwhelming number of people who will "claim" they have lost items which they never initially had. This includes server crashes, player deaths (ESPECIALLY if the player dies and logs out for any reason), and inventory data corruption. We cannot verify what each players had, and thus cannot guarantee the replacement items are properly suitable.

Creative mode servers: The only time items will be replaced is if non-native, non-craftable items (player heads, specifically) are removed ON ACCIDENT by staff, and ONLY at the whims of the staff capable of replacing those items. Purposefully removed items will not be replaced.

Survival mode servers: (including Survival, Skyblock & Parkours, LionsDen and Vanilla, etc) No items will be replaced unless staff accidentally remove these items and can replace the items using logblock. This is not possible for slimefun items however in most cases. No staff are to give slimefun items to any player for any reason WITH EXCEPTION to that staff acting in the role of a player and doing a player-player trade. SrAdmin/SysOp/Owner may choose to ignore this in certain situations, such as giving lucky blocks to *everyone* online.

Adventure servers: (Such as Parkours part of Skyblock, MiniGames (when it's up), etc): Items are almost always in-game rewards for completing tasks. These items will never be replaced. SysOp/Owner may choose to gift items on these servers from time to time, but will not replace items.

Trades, Gifts & inventory full issues: If a gift is given to all players, and the player's inventory is full, the gift will not be re-given (exceptions *may* be made, but are RARE). If a player-player trade results in a player having too many items for their inventory and the item is lost, those items will NOT be replaced.

In short: Unless staff accidentally destroyed your items AND can replace them with logblock, or have access to those items, lost items will NOT be replaced.

This is a game. The staff are volunteers. They have better things to do than to take time out of their tasks to replace one player's items. And if a large number of players lost items, the only recourse is to roll back the server from backups, BUT ONLY if the backup is less than 24 hours old.

Please do not bother staff regarding replacing your lost items. I understand it's painful, however, any issue which was not directly caused by staff is out of our control.

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